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Sample bodysuit and furry “sweater”. Naked Gudas amused and made Voráček laugh

After five years, he returned to the national team and it was immediately a halo. Hockey defenseman Radko Gudas performed a hard hit during his first substitution for the Czech Republic against Finland and also impressed with his TV interview, which he came to without a shirt.

Radko Gudas is back in the national team after five years.

| Photo: ČTK/Václav Šálek

He owed nothing to his reputation. Dear Gudas he transferred his physical style of hockey from overseas to the national team. Anaheim’s emphatic fullback presented himself in the national jersey for the first time since the World Cup in Bratislava in 2019 and in match against Finland at the Czech Games in Brno, he showed what he will be most valuable to the team.

Watch Radek Gudas’ hit in the match against Finland:

Source: Youtube

Gudas shot down Jere Innal hard and clean on the first substitution, like when he serves his unsuspecting victims in the NHL. “I think that after thirty seconds it was good,” laughed the Czech brawler, who got excited with the demonstration. “Exactly, something like that is needed,” he recounted.

Czech hockey players will enter the last phase of preparation before the home World Cup on Thursday evening.

What was heard in the talk show about the World Cup: The legendary boss trusts Rulík, Pastrňák was also discussed

The point with which Gudas sent Fin to the ice, but also attracted attention overseas. But another moment overtook him. After the first period, the handsome bearded man unexpectedly arrived at the TV interview shirtless with only a towel around his neck. This unusual experience also amused me Jakub Voráček in the match studio of Czech Television. Although this is nothing new for him.

Most importantly, don’t go crazy

“I was hoping that he would at least take off his sweater for the interview, but he couldn’t do it,” laughed Gudas’ former teammate from the national team. “He’s always so sweaty that he changes his shirt every third time. You can see that he’s struggling, he probably needs to lose some pounds,” joked Voráček to his friend, who last played on the Vegas ice on April 18.

Gudas’s “outfit” also had a response on social networks. “I like how in the preparation every detail of the clothing for the interviews is sharpened (there are regulations for this) and then Radko Gudas comes to the interview half-naked,” wrote the ČT commentator on the X network Darina Vymětalíková.

Despite the 1:4 defeat, Gudas was in a good mood at the start world championship in Prague in a week on friday he is hot. He does not tolerate the pressure in front of the home fans. “It’s important not to go crazy about it, to put it politely. They are all quality players here, they can prepare like any other match. But it will be more heightened when it’s at home.’

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