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Sampaoli has a fine defined at Flamengo and fans react

Sampaoli is absent from Flamengo.

Credit: Gilvan de Souza/Alexandre Vidal – CRF

Even with the high prices, Flamengo fans were present in droves at Maracanã. In this way, the audience of 60,390 paying participants (67,350 present) guaranteed the highest income in the history of Brazilian football, given the collection that exceeded R$26 million. Therefore, the amount generated in the first game of the Copa do Brasil final motivated a series of requests involving Sampaoli’s dismissal.

At the moment, according to journalist Venê Casagrande, the coach’s termination fine at Flamengo is 2 million euros (R$ 10.3 million). Even though the historical income has discounts, there was a “campaign” by fans for the amount in question to pay off the contractual obligation for the Argentine’s early dismissal.

“The entire board was already in favor of the dismissal even before the game and continues to be in favor after the game. But Landim can’t give up because he understands why there could be a turnaround (…) The fine is 2 million euros“, said Venê on the SBT Rio program.

Without resigning, Sampaoli made it clear that he did not throw in the towel. In this scenario, the Flamengo commander hopes to be at the forefront of a comeback against São Paulo, away from home, in the final 90 minutes of the Copa do Brasil. If the objective is not met, the tendency is for the dismissal to be confirmed behind the scenes.

“We hope that we will emerge champions. We will emerge champions, we have every hope”, he stated.

See below the requests that also suggested a “fundraiser” for Sampaoli to be fired by Flamengo.

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