The tough fight for extra league gold stretched to the seventh game, which ended late on Sunday evening. The approached players will still join the team on Wednesday.

“On the way from nomination forms I teamed up with the attackers, Marek Židlický with the defenders. I was surprised that I called. Guys have great taste. They should be at training tomorrow, but we will give them such a program to recover a little. They have a lot of games behind them, we will definitely approach it sensitively, we just wanted them to be with us, with the whole team,” Rulík said.

Jakub Voracek.

Voráček invites Hartnell and Lindros to Prague. Beer at Staromák is an attraction, he says

He was also pleased with the attitude of the players, although The steelworkers had much to celebrate after winning their fifth straight title, which they achieved after a dazzling trip through the playoffs in which they won all three series 4-3 games.

“When I called Dan, I have to say that I was terribly surprised that he was ready,” remarked Rulík with a smile. “There was no sign in his voice that he was somehow crushed. I told him not to exaggerate completely, but he answered: ‘Coach, I have it under control’. I thought it was very sympathetic what he said,” praised the experienced coach.

Extraleague title celebrations of Třinec fans with hockey players, April 30, 2024, Třinec.  Driving players through the city.

VIDEO: The hockey champions from Třinec went for a ride through the city on a special bus