The regional title Deník from the portfolio of Vltava Labe Media, the strongest domestic regional publisher, has undergone a transformation in recent years and has fully transformed from an exclusively printed title into the form of Dení multimedia media.

Editorial director and editor-in-chief of Deník Roman Gallo describes that the change in philosophy from “print first” to “digital first” also takes the form of “digital only” today. According to him, Deník’s reporting relies heavily on regional and local reporting, which is why he is surprised by the opinions of media theorists, according to whom the importance of regional journalism in the Czech Republic is diminishing. At the same time, he believes that quality assessment is a priori judged according to the owner of the media.

“Some media theorists and journalists themselves often divide the media into independent and dependent media. Small, ‘garage’ projects are often taken as automatically independent, thus the right ones, and vice versa, media owned, like us, by a strong financial group, automatically fall into the basket of dependent, manipulated, and therefore bad. However, my experience is often different. I have experienced many small, local media that were either created as a tool of a local businessman or political party and wrote according to their owners or were so teetering on the edge of economic survival that they were willing to write anything for advertising. “The newspaper, on the other hand, has a stable owner, a clear annual budget and firm and publicly published ethical and professional rules as well as tools and mechanisms to prevent the owner from interfering with the content,” he states.

In the interview, he also details the current strategy of Deník, plans in the field of paid online content, the future of paper newspapers and recent changes in the structure of VLM district weeklies.

You can read the entire interview on the Mediaguru website HERE.