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Roger Corman and Chile – La Tercera

Between the 60s and 70s, and always appealing to ingenuity, will and economyRoger Corman produced some of the first feature films from names like Francis Ford CoppolaPeter Bogdanovich, Martin ScorseseCurtis Hanson, Jonathan Demme, Ron Howard and Joe Dante.

In this way, he became a kind of mentor to an entire generation of filmmakers who today are (or would be) between 70 and 85 years old, and who admired the films he had made as a director in the mid-20th century: cheap and excessive films. but overflowing with vitality. Scorsese witnessed the adoration that Ingmar Bergman’s films produced at New York University, but all he wanted was to get together with his classmates to have a beer and talk about Corman’s films.

The director – for many, the king of B movies – It was not limited to the United States.. During the 80s she allied herself with the Argentine Héctor Olivera, director of The rebellious Patagonia (1974) and producer of some of Adolfo Aristarain’s main feature films. Together with Fernando Ayala, Olivera headed Aries, which had become the most relevant film company in that country.

Corman’s tentacles also reached Chile. The tireless director wanted to film a story in the north that was set in the near future and had clear reminiscences with Mad Maxthe saga that George Miller had filmed in Australia with Mel Gibson. This time he had placed his trust in an American director with no previous films (Jon Hess) and had teamed up with the Chilean journalist and publicist Juan Enrique Forch, who at that time wanted to enter the world of cinema.

The cast of lawless land (1988) was the product of the mix of American and Chilean actors. Jsu Garcia (credited as Nick Corri) and Amanda Peterson played the protagonists of the plot, Falco and Diana, a couple who challenge the man who rules the destinies of that desert land, The Chaiman (Walter Kliche).

Among the national actors were Gloria Laso, Patricio Busnter, Roberto Poblete, Patricia Rivadeneira, Sandro Larenas, Javier Maldonado, Douglas Hubbner and Luis Mora. On the poster, in addition to the presence of Corri and Peterson, Xander Berkeley was highlighted, who a couple of years later would act in the second part of Terminator (as John Connor’s father) and Leon, an actor who would later have an appearance in the music video for Like a prayer.

The circulation of the film, as happened with so many Roger Corman films, it was mostly through VHS.

Portugal would be an extremely fertile land for cinema Raul Ruiz. There he filmed non-stop from the 80s onwards, until he became “the foreign filmmaker who, after the arrival of sound, filmed the most in Portugal”, according to the calculations of the Portuguese Cinematheque, the entity that this year is developing the largest retrospective on to his work.

His adventure in that country began with The territory (1981). The premise of the script evoked some elements of genre cinema (cannibalism, hallucinations)a peculiarity that must have convinced Roger Corman, who became involved as a producer alongside Paulo Branco, Ruiz’s frequent collaborator starting with this project.

The French actress Isabelle Weingarten would play one of the main characters, while Paul Getty Jr. (the same one who made world news for being kidnapped in 1973) would also be part of the cast.

The story goes that Corman left the film in the middle of filming in Sintra (around Lisbon), leaving Ruiz and the cast to their fate. The sequence of events is somewhat diffuse, but the Chilean director managed to finish filming even though they had no money.

As if the anecdote were not enough, the set arrived Wim Wenders –Wingarten’s boyfriend at the time– and filmed his own film based on the disconcerting situation he found at the scene: The state of things (1982). A project in which he had Corman himself taking on a role in the plot.

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