The information about the shooting was confirmed by the Deputy Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Ľuboš Blaha (Smer-SD). The meeting was suspended indefinitely. The Slovak TASR agency also reports on the shooting. According to her, the shots were fired at the moment when the prime minister walked among the people in front of the House of Culture, where the government was meeting.

According to the information Slovak weekly PLUS 7 DAYS someone in the crowd yelled “Robo, come here”, shortly after the shooting was about to begin. Robert Fico was hit by two to three wounds, allegedly in the leg, chest and abdomen. A total of four to five shots should have been fired. “It’s a shot through the abdomen and arm. Currently, his life is out of danger, the doctors are going to operate on him,” an informed source told the weekly.

According to PLUS 7 DNÍ reporters, the prime minister’s condition is very serious, he is currently being transported by helicopter to a hospital in Bánská Bystřice.

According to the RTVS editor, the police pacified the attacker practically immediately. The case was taken over by the International Criminal Agency (NAKA).

I was two centimeters from a criminal, said Prime Minister Robert Fico recently:

Source: Deník/Luboš Palata