“Work on the Džbánov-Litomyšl project is proceeding according to the contractual schedule. We are currently focusing on the development of implementation documentation and have started the process of cutting down bushes and trees. In the near future, we will start the reconstruction of the gas pipeline with a length of 5.5 km from the planned route of 7.5 km. Despite the gas pipeline’s intervention in bridge and road works, all activities are proceeding according to plan and the announced completion date of the project is still secured,” Budimex spokeswoman Diana Zyglewska wrote today in response to Deník.

In the afternoon, the RSD responded very similarly to Deník’s request.

You can find everything about this section HERE

“The construction of the D35 Džbánov-Litomyšl highway section has been underway since April 8, 2024, when the construction site was handed over to the contractor, according to standard procedures. We confirm that the contractor has so far started felling trees, building construction site equipment, and at the same time started work related to the processing of construction implementation documentation, specifically on the layout of engineering networks. This week also saw an initial inspection day of the construction with the participation of representatives of the concerned authorities and municipalities, which was preceded by other necessary meetings in the field to start the contractor’s activities,” confirmed Petra Drkulová, spokeswoman for the Pardubice regional branch of the ŘSD.

In yesterday’s photo report, Václav Zelený was surprised that the construction site is still empty more than a month after the opening ceremony. This section of the highway is to be completed in 2027, as well as the adjacent one Litomyšl highway bypass.

Highway - Illustrative photo

A record year for highways. 118 new kilometers will be opened in the Czech Republic this year

“On Monday, April 8, 2024, the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD) ceremoniously started the construction of the new section of the D35 Džbánov – Litomyšl highway. That Monday, hammers were solemnly tapped on the foundation stone at the construction site. A month and a week have passed since then (exactly 36 days to date) and nothing is happening at the construction site. No construction site equipment anywhere, no machinery anywhere, construction signs, no workers anywhere, just nothing. And at the same time, it was this Polish company that recently boasted how it is already well prepared for the construction of the D11 highway section to the Polish border, i.e. for a contract for which the contractor tender process has not yet been completed,” he wrote, among other things in your post Václav Zelený, reader of the Orlické daily, to the editorial office.

And he attached a photo report, taken from the route of the future highway on May 14, 2024. It also captures odometers.

On the contrary, the outlines of the previous one are already visible section of the highway around Vysoké Mýt, where it has been under construction since autumn and will be finished next year. Construction of the section also began last week D35 from Ostrov, where the highway now ends, to Vysoké Mýt.

Map of construction D35, 7/5/2024 (click for a higher resolution):

Map of construction D35, 7/5/2024Map of construction D35, 7/5/2024Source: RSD