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Road accident: heavy goods vehicle crashes into parked car

Les Andelys accident
Hit by a heavy weight, the Twingo parked in rue Henri-Rémy in Les Andelys (Eure) bounced off the wall of a house before coming to a stop a few meters away. ©The Impartial

The inhabitants of rue Henri-Rémy in Andelys (Eure) regularly complain about damage to their parked vehicles. This Tuesday, March 7 around noon, a heavy weights violently hit a Renault Twingo parked at numbers 50 and 52.

The car bounces off a wall

Visibly distracted by his mobile phone, the driver of the car carrier truck, which was traveling towards the city center, swerved to his right. The front of the heavyweight rammed the left rear of the car.

With the impact, the little Twingo was projected against the boundary wall of the property at no. 52. It bounced off it before coming to a stop a few meters further on. THE screenings carried out on the carrier turned out to be negative.

Les Andelys accident
The driver of the car transport truck admitted to having been distracted by his mobile phone. ©The Impartial

No injuries but heavy damage

As spectacular as it is, the accident luckily did not cause any injuries. On the other hand, the material damage is very important. The car, whose front and rear were badly damaged, will not be repairable.

Frederic Duchythe mayor, who was present on the scene, proposed to the unfortunate owner, bus driver in a Vernon company, to make available to her the vehicle called “Spare wheel”.

As for the lady who lives at number 52, she is good at redoing her wall. The firefighters of Gaillon and an Enedis technician checked that there were no leaks on the gas and electricity meters.

Before the removal of the vehicles and the cleaning of the road by the services of the Department and the City, two municipal police officers regulated traffic on the RD 316.

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“I have no solution”

Asked about the dangerousness of the street Henri-Remythe mayor was disarmed:

Removing parking on this street would only increase the speed of motorists. To put locks would be to go to the cardboard. I don’t have a solution.

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