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Resellers discount? Hockey tickets flood the internet, promising free beer

I will sell tickets to the World Hockey Championship, I will leave a daily package for matches to Prague (Ostrava). Countless similar offers have flooded the Internet in recent hours. Many ads offer a discount, some even offer beer. Isn’t this a scam?

Czechs will be cheering not only in the O2 arena, but like every year they will also gather in pubs and fan zones

| Photo: Deník/Martin Divíšek

“I will sell two VIP tickets for the Czech Republic – Norway match with unlimited catering and consumption of drinks, including beer,” reads one of the many advertisements of a similar type on the portal Bazoš.cz.

At first glance, the price is high: an experience for two people costs ten thousand crowns.

But… In the official sale, these tickets to the O2 arena cost a total of 13,780 crowns.

You won't see Jaromír Jágr in the national team jersey anymore

Big pre-World Cup quiz: What do you know about domestic hockey championships?

Does this mean that hockey doesn’t work? O the spectator attractiveness of the tournament has been talked about for several days. While the Czech matches are sold out, booking portals report hundreds to thousands of seats available for several other matches.

A logical question arises as to whether this is a trick of fraudsters who are trying to find a new way to deceive gullible fans.

Special entrance, banquet and a great view

Say it yourself: who can’t resist “free” beer? There are more attractions, this is how it is presented officially on arena website: “Enjoy a wide and attractive menu served in the form of buffet tables and live cooking stations.” The complete offer is even described there, including the menu.

Tickets to areas with special access and a great view of the ice could be purchased online on Friday for 2,290 kroner (for example, for the match between Canada and Great Britain).

But the organizers demanded much more even for the least attractive cats: 4390 crowns for a seat in VIP legends and 5390 for a club floor.

Fans at the last WC in Prague

Children are not allowed to enter. MS? Everyone must have a ticket. Kazakhstan is cheap

The fan is advised to exercise caution. “So far, we do not have a single submission from a consumer that relates to the World Cup,” said František Kotrba, spokesman for the Czech Trade Inspection.

In case of fraud, the Czech Ice Hockey Association would be on the move. “One can defend oneself by means that are in accordance with legal regulations,” added Kotrba.

What does it mean? “Traffickers who operate on the black market and sell tickets illegally can be prosecuted by the police,” attorney Zdeněk Tomíček from CEE Attorneys, who specializes in sports law, told Deník.

Trafficking is beyond the gray zone

Resale itself valid tickets is not a criminal offense under domestic legislation. If the owner of the ticket cannot or does not want to come to the match and decides to sell it, this is a classic purchase contract. The price is set by the buyer and the seller.

“These are not goods subject to price regulation,” confirmed Kotrba.

Beyond the gray zone, trafficking is rampant. “If someone resells a lot of tickets for profit, they must fulfill all legal obligations, including obtaining a business license and complying with consumer protection rules and tax regulations,” stated Tomíček.

Rematch of the 2nd round of the European League: Sparta Prague - Galatasaray Istanbul.  Illustrative image

Tickets for Liverpool for tens of thousands? Sparta strongly warns against traffickers

As an example, in such a case, an advertisement can be given, the subject of which is the sale of the aforementioned VIP seats for the quarter-finals (ticket for 24,900 crowns), the semi-finals (ticket for 24,900 crowns) and the final (ticket for 29,900 crowns).

However, many more offers still refer to the classic sectors for fans.

There, the connection: “discount for quick action” is being repeated more and more. It can therefore be concluded that there are a lot of tickets looking for interested parties and the offer exceeds the demand. Will it also show in the atmosphere?

France fights back against traffickers
While Czech law tolerates the concept of “trafficking”, in other countries the laws are stricter. For example, in France, even before the Olympics in Paris, they fight against the resale of tickets. Sports lawyer Zdeněk Tomíček explained that if someone were to do so for the purpose of profit, it would be a criminal offense. If found guilty, a fine of 15,000 euros (roughly 375,000 crowns) can be imposed for this act.

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