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Reinforcement for this season, Rafael Bilu makes a statement to the team

Credit: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

Striker Rafael Bilu was signed in this transfer window by cruise, which is restructured with a view to competing in the Brasileirão. The player, who played for Criciúma last season, has been one of the highlights of Raposa’s pre-season.

Check out the statement the player made to his new club:

Player spoke about his arrival at cruise

In the first week of that month, the striker had given a long interview commenting on the challenge of acting on the cruisecheck out what he said:

“Of course my head has to be good, because for me it’s a very big challenge. It is a unique opportunity for me, it is the opportunity that I consider today in my life. I have to do where. Not ignoring Criciúma, which is also a giant club, but today I’m in cruisewhich is one of the greatest in Brazil for its history, for its titles, for its achievements, for its fans”, said the newly signed striker.

The striker, who shone last season, also commented on coach Pezzolano, one of the most praised in the country last year:

“Pezzolano was a key player in the cruise, to create a team identity on the field, which is an offensive team, a team that plays forward, a team that is not afraid. He teaches us that today, that a player alone can’t achieve anything, but as a team we can achieve a lot. He always stresses it, strengthens it. He’s a character guy, who talks to the player, tells him what he needs. He’s a sensational guy”, praised the new Raposa player.

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