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Regionalliga Südwest: Eintracht II has to tick off promotion, Steinbach thanks Aalen |

No more chance: Eintracht Frankfurt’s U21 can no longer get promoted in the Regionalliga Südwest. FSV Frankfurt and Steinbach Haiger are certainly holding the class. Also thanks to help from Mannheim.

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Eintracht II ticks off promotion


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The second representative of Eintracht Frankfurt no longer has a chance of promotion in the Regionalliga Südwest. The SGE lost on Saturday against VfB Stuttgart II 1:3 (0:1), but is still fourth.

Further information

Frankfurt II – Stuttgart II 1:3 (0:1)

Gates: 0:1 Galjen (44th), 0:2 Boakye (49th), 1:2 Bookjanz (55th/FE), 1:3 Paula (90th)
Red: Futkeu (61./Eintracht)
Viewers: 1,092

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Fulda with an easy victory

It wasn’t really about anything anymore for the SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz. The East Hesse team still showed a formidable performance and won against Bahlingen 3-0 (0-0).

Further information

Fulda-Lehnerz – Bahlinger SC 3:0 (0:0)

Gates: 1:0 Reinhardt (60th), 2:0 Beal (66th), 3:0 Reinhardt (80th)
Viewers: 1,200

End of further information

Kassel defeats Koblenz

Hessen Kassel, who had won at Kickers Offenbach the previous week, also had a successful home game, with KSV defeating Koblenz 1-0 (1-0).

Further information

Hesse Kassel – Koblenz 1:0 (1:0)

Gates: 1:0 Sararians (3rd)
Viewers: 3,054

End of further information

Next defeat for OFC

That same OFC, on the other hand, suffered a more than clear defeat. The Kickers, who have several players during the week – including club legend Maik Vetter – had said goodbye, lost at Mainz II 0:3 (0:2).

Further information

Mainz 05 II – K.Offenbach 3:0 (2:0)

Gates: 1:0 Derstroff (41st), 2:0 Schmidt (45th), 3:0 Seven (72nd)
Viewers: 750

End of further information

FSV celebrates staying in the league

FSV Frankfurt remains safely in the regional league. The Bornheimers somewhat surprisingly won 1-0 (0-0) against the top team from Hoffenheim and can therefore celebrate staying in the league.

Further information

Hoffenheim II – FSV Frankfurt 0:1 (0:0)

Gates: 0:1 McLemore (87.)
Red: Petrovic (16./Hoffenheim)
yellow Red: Memisevic (90./Frankfurt)
Viewers: 284

End of further information

Haiger loses and thanks Aalen and Mannheim

The situation is similar at TSV Steinbach Haiger. The Central Hesse team lost 1:2 (0:1) against FC Homburg in front of their home crowd. However, since competitor Walldorf conceded 1-1 to VfR Aalen, who had already been relegated, shortly before the end, TSV did not fall to 14th place. Since Waldhof Mannheim also managed to stay in the league in the 3rd league, Central Hesse were also saved.

Further information

Steinbach Haiger – Homburg 1:2 (0:1)

Gates: 0:1 Jansen (33rd), 1:1 Firat (78th), 1:2 M. Mendler (81st)
Viewers: 1,073

End of further information

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