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Recalculation updates the Isapres debt to US$ 1,589 million

A key piece of information – with or without a short law – to apply the ruling of the Supreme Court that orders the isapres to use the new table of factors to all affiliates and restore excess charges, is the amount that insurers must return to the beneficiaries. users. According to the ruling, the Health Superintendency is in charge of making that calculation. And although the regulator has already given approximations, those figures have become obsolete, because every day that the ruling is not applied, the debt grows.

The parliamentarians, in fact, had pressed to know the amount, arguing that they cannot legislate blindly, especially now that the discussion reached a mixed commission due to the disagreements that occurred in the previous procedures, both in the Senate and in the House.

With that as context, this Friday, during the second meeting of the mixed commission, the superintendent of Health, Victor Torres, It came with a new calculated amount and estimated the Isapres debt at US$ 1,589 million (UF 40,367,000 as of December 31, 2023), if the ruling is calculated literally. Now, if the mandatory contribution of 7% is included (there are no plans that imply a contribution less than 7%), this would decrease to US$ 1,250 (UF 31,764,000 as of December 31, 2023).

But publishing this figure was not easy.

On Thursday – before the first mixed commission – the Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera, met with the official parliamentarians of the aforementioned body: Tomás Lagomarsino (PR-Ind.), Gael Yeomans (CS), Ana María Gazmuri ( AH) and Juan Luis Castro (PS). At that meeting, the legislators insisted on knowing the financial situation of the insurers and the figures involved in the application of the law, since they assured that they could not debate the project without this information. However, and in the first instance, the Executive refused to disclose the debt. They even slipped in the possibility of a secret session.

This idea generated annoyance among those present, who stressed to the authorities that they are against the clock and that they cannot dispatch the project without an updated financial statement. Thus, after two hours of debate, the possibility was discarded and this Friday, Superintendent Torres began his presentation at the Senate headquarters in Santiago, exposing the financial status of the Isapres and some projections.

The number worried the parliamentarians of the instance. Deputy Lagomarsino assured that “it is a dramatic scenario. In one year, a debt of 1.5 billion pesos was accumulated and that leads us to the urgency of implementing the ruling as soon as possible.”

Senator Castro agreed that “today we have learned news that the truth is a huge block of cement that implies an increase of half a billion pesos to the original amount that the regulator estimated in February 2023, before the short law. This is very serious because it is a worse scenario than imagined.”.

Likewise, the parliamentarian warned that the Executive needs to send instructions as soon as possible, otherwise a health and financial crisis could be generated: “I am struck by the fact that the government does not bring the amendments that it promised to bring. I get the impression that there is a little lack of skill to face such a decisive moment and that is that the regulator itself announces the fall of two isapres. My question is what the contingency plan is.”

The pressure around the future of the Isapres is increasing more and more, since there are exactly nine days left until the deadline set by the Supreme Court to implement the ruling and the Executive has already warned that it will do so with or without the law. In this context, parliamentarians insist that it is necessary for the government to accelerate the pace because without the norm the scenario is catastrophic.

Even the president of the mixed commission, Senator Javier Macaya (UDI), believes that the project as it stands is insufficient to give financial balance to the industry. For this same reason, the opposition has insisted on entering a new formula to recalculate the debt.

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