Without enough money, it is almost impossible to have a long and carefree life. It will make the life situation of every person very complicated if they become dependent on the help of others in their old age.

If you want to ease the worry of your loved ones – and at the same time you know that you will not have enough savings for paid care – long-term care insurance will help you NN Care.

NN Životní pojišťovna is the only one in the Czech Republic to offer this insurance, which you can also deduct from your taxes. Up to the age of 85, every third citizen is at risk of becoming self-sufficient.

Michal Korejs

Reader’s advice: Why get long-term care insurance

In the event that the insured person will be cared for by a family member, the monthly insurance pension will help him make up for lost income from the job he had to give up. The family can also choose from the entire range of services and find the ideal care, either at home or in a specialized facility.