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Raise the tone? Differentiate yourself from Republicans? Chile Vamos seeks to adjust the story in the security crisis

Through telephone contacts since the weekend, the right began to coordinate for the communication deployment that the opposition would have, after the attack in Cañete that ended with three police officers dead. In the opposition, the objective was to deploy, but the party leaders also conveyed that it had to be done in moderation. In that sense, they have tried to contain some parliamentarians who have come out with harsher positions that are far from what the directives have promoted.

In this way, in Chile Let’s go (UDI, RN and Evópoli) adopted a public position and the idea is for parliamentarians to maintain that line. Thus, for example, the parties established some common measures: supporting the general director of the Carabineros, Ricardo Yanezpromote the expediting of security bills that are not advancing in the National Congress, and promote an amnesty or pardon for members of the Armed Forces and law enforcement who are being criminally persecuted for some particular cases of the social outbreak of 18 October 2019.

The design of the block, in any case, has been clouded by some harsher leaders who have proposed various measures. For example, those who have requested the death penalty, including representative Camila Flores (RN). This measure is not shared by the rest of the parties, while the sector is just debating whether or not a state of siege should be promoted or not, something that RN has requested since the UDI also requested today.

The directives of Chile Vamos. Marcelo Hernandez/Aton Chile

In Chile Vamos they want to generate the feeling that they have had a measured stance on an issue as delicate as the murder of the police. But within this there is a more in-depth analysis. The diagnosis made is that security is one of the main priorities of citizens, and that in the 2025 presidential elections the sector has ample chance of winning. For this reason, on the right they want to represent the idea that they are not a “destructive opposition”, because they have the possibility of governing, and they are also interested in seeing part of the legislative agenda move forward, so that, in the event that arrive at La Moneda, there is already previous work.

Along these lines, several parliamentarians are promoting the legislative agenda. For example, the deputy Diego Schalper (RN) has asked to accelerate legislation on the RUF (Rules of Use of Force), while the RN helmsman, Rodrigo Galileahas been in contact with his bench to begin to see what projects to pursue.

But in addition to that, there is internal competition within the right. In the opposition they make the diagnosis that the Republican Party with José Antonio Kast The leadership has adopted tougher stances on security, what has been seen, for example, in the visit he had to the “mega prison” of El Salvador governed by Nayib Bukele. For the same, Chile Vamos has sought to differentiate itself by having positions that are more measured.

In any case, this has generated a debate in the coalition. In the UDI, for example, they say they are considering raising the tone by calling for a state of siege and the departure of Minister Tohá. The latter, in fact, was requested by the RN bench. However, the rest of the block did not fold.

“We demand that the government take clear political definitions, that it use the force of the rule of law, that it find the murderers, that it further militarizes the area. President Boric cannot expect that all problems will be resolved by Congress,” said the UDI general secretary today. María José Hoffmann.

In Evópoli – a store considered more liberal right-wing – they are not in favor of raising the tone so much. Your bench leader, Jorge Guzman, emphasizes that “more than an adjustment in the story, what we need is to demonstrate with facts that as a State we are available to solve and confront the security crisis. “We must demonstrate with concrete actions that we are willing to work and find consensus in favor of the country’s security.”

From RN, meanwhile, deputy Schalper emphasizes that “citizens are exhausted by the political dispute and polarization, and want solutions. Thus, the opposition has to demand that the government provide solutions. Be firm in responses that go in the opposite direction. And at the same time, contribute when it comes to proposals that are on the right path.”

However, this week the idea is to come together as groups to continue requesting measures.

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