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Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation into death of aspiring gendarme

This afternoon, the Bío Bío Flagrant Prosecutor’s Office An investigation was launched to clarify the circumstances that led to the death of Ignacia Millaray Albornoz Inzunzaaspiring gendarme who belonged to group B of the “Gendarme Alex Villagran Pañinao” Penitentiary Training School (ESFORPEN), class 2024.

The prosecutor Sergio Caro He ordered that the Homicide Brigade of the Investigative Police (PDI) of Concepción carry out the proceedings. In addition, The body will undergo an autopsy at the Penquista Legal Medical Service (SML).

The young woman died on Sunday due to cardiorespiratory arrest at the Las Higueras Hospital in Talcahuano. Prior to her death, she was diagnosed with bronchitis due to Influenza A+and his family reports that his condition had allegedly worsened after the officers in charge of the course They forced her to shower with cold water and go jogging in the early hours of the morninglast Tuesday.

Reference photographs of the Gendarmerie. Photo: Javier Salvo/Aton Chile.

“You send your healthy children to the institution, they demand thousands of physical exams so they can enter and then they call you by phone and tell you ‘I’m sick with the flu, they’re taking me to Hoscar (Carabineros Hospital).’ They treat her, give her medication and send her back,” said the young woman’s stepfather. Alejandro Hidalgoin conversation with Mucho Gusto.

Then he added: “It happened to my daughter, who called her mother on the phone. She told him that she had the flu and that they had given her three days of rest.” However, despite her medical advice, she accused Ignacia of “They picked her up again, bathed her with ice water, took her out for a jog, it had rained that day.”

Given the accusations of Albornoz’s family, the Minister of Justice, Luis Corderoindicated in the morning that from his portfolio they have been collecting the background information and that they required a report from the Gendarmerie. The institution, meanwhile, opened its own investigation.

The preliminary information that the Secretary of State received from the Gendarmerie indicated that the young woman had not carried out physical activity: “She (the applicant) would have manifested some illness, for which she had a medical license. Later she returned. We have recorded until now, according to the information that has been provided to us, that during those days of her return she did not do physical activity. And later he had another break, regarding which his health situation became complicated.”

However, Cordero instructed the Undersecretary of Justice, Jaime Gajardo, to personally collect more information from the Gendarmerie School. There he expanded the information and It was stated that Albornoz did perform exercises on May 7a day when it rained in different regions of the country.

“On this visit I not only spoke with the high command of the Gendarmerie, but I also specifically went to visit the stable, that is, the place where the students are carrying out their activity, and I spoke with Ignacia’s colleagues. They tell me that she actually went to carry out normal activities on May 7 in the early morning and she did not feel well enough. She would not have performed all the physical activities, i.e. did not finish jogging, but did physical activitiesbecause she was in better condition and had been discharged by the Carabineros Hospital itself and by the medical personnel who serve here in the Gendarmerie,” he explained.

The Undersecretary of Justice, Jaime Gajardo. Photo: Mario Téllez / La Tercera.

Furthermore, regarding the accusations for the alleged shower with cold water, Gajardo assured that “Here the conditions exist for them to shower with hot water, there are thermoses that allow hot water.”

And whether or not there was cold water that particular day is something that the investigation will have to determine.. But the conditions for all students to have hot water to carry out their activities exist within the Gendarmerie School,” he concluded.

After collecting more information, the undersecretary made a chronology of what happened. “During the last few weeks (Albornoz) had different types of medical afflictions, that is why he had a first referral to the Carabineros Hospital, on May 3where he was diagnosed with an illness, and for the same reason they gave him three days of leave and rest at home,” he began by listing.

“She was removed by her relatives on May 3 from the Gendarmerie School. She made her rest at her home and, finishing her rest, He returned to the Gendarmerie School on May 6, during the morning. Here she was received by the medical staff of the Gendarmerie School,” she added.

That day they confirmed that she was in good health: “She had already finished the rest that they had given her at the Gendarmerie School and, unfortunately, during that day she felt ill again, so On May 7, she was again transferred to the Carabineros which he was given a diagnosis of bronchitis due to influenza, and he was given four days of rest, which ended on Sunday.

The young woman rested at her home. Then, on Saturday “she was transferred to the Higueras Hospital in Talcahuano and, unfortunately, “He died in the early morning.”

“In the first instance, although the family has requested an autopsy, it is due to cardiorespiratory arrest, but that, as I tell you, It is the preliminary that we know to this day“, accurate.

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