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Prosecutor’s Office investigates transfers for $77,000 million gores

The prosecutor Eugenio Camposdirector of the Anti-Corruption, Money Laundering and Internal Probity Unit of the National Prosecutor’s Office, spoke this Tuesday morning before the second Special Investigative Commission (CEI) of the Chamber of Deputies regarding the money messes due to transfers of state money to foundations by agreements.

In his presentation, the prosecutor gave an account of the evolution of the investigations that began in Antofagasta for the Living Democracy case and that are currently taking place throughout the country in a hundred cases with million-dollar transfer figures.

Campos specified that the amounts “not necessarily” correspond to crimes “but rather they are matters of research developments.”

“Some of them are already formalized, for which we believe there are indications regarding crimes, there are others that are being questioned from a civil administrative point of view. But When they ask us what the total amount of transfers is, without giving any of the other surnames, I am super responsible, in the case of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning they are transfers for around 12,000 million pesos, but with respect to regional governments they are around of 70,000 million pesos”, Indian.

According to the details presented in the commission by prosecutor Campos, In the Antofagasta Region, six foundations are being investigated for contracts with Minvu for $3,173,000,000. In Tarapacá, two entities are being investigated for transfers of $2,496,916,823. In the Metropolitan and Valparaíso regions there are six foundations that are investigated in each area, with amounts of $1,822,515,316 and $1,853,575,397, respectively.

At the level of regional governments, transfers are being investigated throughout the country that add up to $77,740,133,873.

In The Araucanía There are 13 foundations investigated for contracts with the department headed by Luciano Rivas for $44,539,187,304.

In The lakesin which the regional government is directed by Patricio Vallespín, the transfers that are being investigated benefited 10 entities, adding $15,130,154,920.

The third regional distribution with the highest transfers, meanwhile, is that of Biobio, headed by Rodrigo Díaz. According to details from the Public Ministry, in the area they are investigating 21 foundations for transfers that totaled $8,080,178,000.

Prosecutor Campos maintained that a multiplicity of possible crimes are being analyzed.

“Here we must differentiate whether they are public employees, or whether those who participate are individuals. By the way, if they are public employees, we have tax fraud, we have issues of unfair administration, among others. And in those in which individuals participate or that do not have the quality of public employment, they may have another category. When I talk about the approximately 12,000 million pesos of Minvu, when I talk about the 77,000 million pesos in gores, I am talking about the total transfers. I am not talking about the total number of illicit transfers or crimes, I emphasize that again. But nevertheless, “an important universe, both of the 12,000 and the 77,000, are the subject of investigation,” Indian.

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