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Prosecutor Valencia affirms that there are still no arrests for crime in Cañete

He national prosecutor Ángel Valencia referred tonight to the progress in research that is carried out to find the whereabouts of the murderers of the three carabineros who were shot down in CañeteBiobío Region, early Saturday, April 27.

In this regard, he pointed out that “The proceedings continue to advance, but I would not like to predict from now on whether we are close or far from a certain result”. In this sense, in statements to T13 He maintained that “we are going to talk with results and we are going to ask for patience during the investigation.”

Regarding statements by the presidential delegate of Biobío, Daniela Dresdner, who maintained that after the progress of the investigation there is “more clarity as to what the motivations were” for the crime, prosecutor Valencia ruled out such statements, by pointing out that “The only one who can speak properly regarding the status of an investigation is the prosecutor in charge of a case, in this case prosecutor Roberto Garrido.”

Prosecutor Valencia affirms that there are still no arrests for triple homicide of Carabineros in Cañete.

Meanwhile, consulted about reports indicating that the murdered police officers were going to supervise compliance with a house arrest in the area, and whether the person to be inspected could be involved in the attack, prosecutor Valencia stated that “If they were indeed going to the place in order to control a precautionary measure of that nature, there is no doubt that (…) one of the first focuses of the investigation is to determine if that happened and what happened at the place”after which he added that “There is no doubt that it is a place of interest.”

However, he admitted that, As of Tuesday night, there were no arrests. proceeds of crime.

Likewise, he indicated that he cannot provide further information about the investigation, so as not to hinder its progress. “The facts have shown that the reserve is one of the best tools to be able to move forward quickly, but we are optimistic,” he highlighted.

Regarding the hypotheses handled by the Prosecutor’s Office, and asked about whether the investigation is more inclined towards the actions of organized crime or Mapuche groups, Prosecutor Valencia indicated that no possibility has yet been ruled out.

“There has been a lot of speculation that the level of violence associated with this crime would necessarily be an indication that these gangs are learning ways of committing similar murders by other foreign gangs (…) We in La Araucanía have, unfortunately, a history of very violent crimes, as violent or more violent than this one, that have occurred previously. Now yes, they had not affected the Carabineros in this way,” said the persecutor.

However, he added that “the fact that in this case this level of violence was obtained cannot be drawn as an inevitable conclusion, not even a logical one, nor based on experience, that this is due to a gang that basically has “a purpose of territorial claim that is starting a civil war, nor that it is a gang of common criminals.”

Also, he stated that “It is not usual that when it comes to gangs, organizations that operate in the area, generally these gangs always take credit for a crime, an illegal act of this nature. To this day, until this hour, that has not happened.”

The three Carabineros officials murdered early Friday morning in Cañete.

Regarding the hypotheses discarded by the Prosecutor’s Office, Valencia maintained that “the only ones are those that are obviously unlikely to be possible in a context like that, all the others that are probable: the hypothesis of organized crime, the terrorist hypothesis, the hypothesis of some type of concert between officials in the area, with criminals and settling scores, are all hypotheses that have to be investigated at the time, with the respect that the victims and their families deserve.”

However, the national prosecutor highlighted that “There are some more plausible than others” and? “Due to the characteristics of the facts, a settling of accounts is not what seems most plausible.”

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