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Property tax: Why the amount is so much higher this year, how and by when to pay it

The annual unpleasant obligation of owners of not only apartments, houses and garages occurs these days. That is why people’s mailboxes and mailboxes are starting to fill up with requests to pay real estate tax. The payment deadline is the last day of May. People will pay more this year.

That is why people’s mailboxes and mailboxes are starting to fill up with requests to pay real estate tax. The payment deadline is the last day of May. People will pay more this year.

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What you will read in the article:

Almost four million owners will soon receive a call to pay property taxes. Roughly a million will be notified by data boxes, almost a million more people will receive the information by e-mail, and about 1.8 million people will receive a receipt in their mailbox. And that by May 24 at the latest.

People then have to pay by the end of the month. “The most convenient way is through internet banking. The payment data on the slip, in the e-mail or in the data message also contain a QR code, after reading which the necessary data is filled in,” said the Director General of the Financial Administration, Simona Hornochová.

This year it will cost property owners more than last year, as members of the government increased the tax by an average of eighty percent as part of the so-called consolidation package. “The real estate was chosen by the Minister of Finance Zbyněk Stanjura as an area where more could be chosen. When we look at the comparison with other European countries, it is understandable,” says the owner of Maxima Reality Vladimír Zuzák, for example.

Property tax this year: What has changed compared to last year?

Since the beginning of this year, a number of people have a new obligation to pay taxes for land or buildings for which they have not yet paid anything or paid a different rate.  The diary prepared an overview of the most important changes

Property tax in 2024: Who must pay again, who is entitled to forgiveness

For example, in 2022, officials collected 12.4 billion crowns in property tax. That’s 0.5 percent of all tax revenue. At the same time, the EU average is three percent. “Until now, the real estate tax was really quite low, for an average small apartment it was approximately one thousand kroner per year. The consolidation package brought her from January 1, 2024 an increase of 80 percentit will therefore be approximately 1,800 crowns per year for an average smaller apartment,” added Zuzák.

The new adjustment also brought another novelty when it introduced the so-called inflation coefficient. The government will thus be able to adjust the tax according to inflation every year. However, at most up to twenty percent. However, the representatives of the municipalities that set the local coefficients will also be able to have a greater say in the amount of the tax. They can thus increase the tax, but from this year they can also reduce it by up to half.

Folder for each region

For example, in Brno, according to the real estate agency Patreal, owners of apartments with an area of ​​70 square meters have so far paid about 590 crowns in tax. They will have to give approximately 1050 crowns.

According to Hornochová, the real estate tax is set at the total amount for all the taxpayer’s real estate located in the territory of one region. Therefore, if the owner owns several properties in one region and the total tax does not exceed five thousand crowns, he will receive only one receipt with the total amount that he will have to pay.

The situation is different if the owner has several properties in different regions, or has to pay a tax higher than five thousand crowns. In this case, they will receive more slips in the envelope.

The amendment to the Real Estate Tax Act brought more than forty changes:

Many people have a property as a garage registered in the land registry, but do not park their car there and use the building as a storage for garden tools, fruit and the like.  Therefore, until now, they recognized the property according to how it was used.  That has to change

Property tax: A registered garage must be taxed as a garage. Not like a shed

The limit of five thousand crowns is important. The tax due date for this amount is May 31. However, a taxpayer who has to pay a higher amount of tax can split the payment, whereby the first part must be paid by 31 May and the second part by 30 November.

From statistics financial administration it follows that most often people pay tax by bank transfer or direct debit at the Česká počta branch. “The variable symbol for payment is the birth number of a natural person or the ID number of a legal entity. The constant symbol is 1148 for non-cash payment and 1149 for cash payment by money order,” added Hornochová.

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