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Pierre Palmade escapes pre-trial detention, at least until Friday

Pierre Palmade remains free, at least until Friday
Pierre Palmade remains free, at least until Friday ©PHOTOPQR/NICE MATIN – ERIC DULIERE

The first president of the appeal court of Paris has just ruled to find out if Pierre Palmadeindicted for homicide and involuntary injuries after a traffic accident in Villiers-en-Biere (Seine et Marne), remained freely until the hearing of the investigating chamber, which will be held this Friday, March 10.

He decided that, contrary to the appeal made by the Melun prosecution, in the form of summary detention, the actor, currently hospitalized, remains free. This was requested on Monday, March 6, by the Melun investigating judge in charge of the case.

Which means concretely that the police guard is raised in front of the hospital room. Pierre Palmade is therefore placed under judicial review (we ignore the prohibitions and obligations). At least until Friday…

The first time that Pierre Palmade had escaped pre-trial detention, it was after the decision of the judge of freedoms and detention of Melun. But the Melunais prosecutor’s office immediately appealed and won. However, the state of health of the respondent, victim of a stroke, reshuffled the cards…

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