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Perrone points out “consequences” after Santos’ embarrassment in Paulistão 2023

(Photo: Disclosure Social Networks)

Credit: (Photo: Disclosure Social Networks)

It is clear that Santos today is experiencing a crisis that is not current, it is already the third season that it does not manage to qualify for the knockout of the Paulista Championship. Therefore, the UOL Portal columnist, Perrone, is clear in his analysis of the Fish embarrassment, check out the details.

Consequences for Santos

After defeat by 3 to 0, Santos can become an extra, according to Perrone. The columnist states that this issue is becoming routine and that: “we see one of the clubs with the most glorious history of world football as a club without the strength to fight without titles. Following this path, in a little while we will not even call them fiascoes”.

Another issue that worries many fans is the possibility of playing in the Brazilian Championship and ending up being relegated. The shameful elimination also “puts pressure on the board. Those who work under pressure, in theory, are more susceptible to mistakes”. Perrone claims that this pressure should also reach Odair Hellman and President Andres Rueda.

As in previous seasons, Santos not having qualified for the next phase affects the Board’s cash flow. The financial specter will come back to haunt the club, as it keeps it away from “new income from prizes and income from games. The state champion will take R$5 million for the title”.

saints today

Currently, Santos will have to concentrate again, because on Thursday (09), they will have to face Iguatu in Vila Belmiro at 21:30 (Brasília time). The match will be valid for the second round of the Brazil’s Cup. In addition, there will be a meeting with the Board of Fish to assess the club’s next steps, although the dismissal of Odair Hellmann is not yet on the agenda, there will be pressure and new reinforcements.

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