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Abbas applauds the decision...

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas, applauded Spain's announcement this Wednesday,...

Macron comes to the...

French President Emmanuel Macron was traveling to the Pacific island of New Caledonia...
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PDI investigates alleged femicide after finding the body of a woman in the city of Melipilla

The Investigative Police (PDI) carries out a series of procedures regarding an alleged femicide registered in the commune of Melipilla, in the southeast of the Metropolitan Region, following the discovery of the body of a woman in a state of decomposition.

According to preliminary information, the incident occurred on San Juan Street, when police personnel arrived at the scene and met with the owner of the property, which corresponds to a city where the victim rented. According to this witness, about a week ago she did not see her tenant and in addition, she stated that during Thursday, The woman’s partner abandoned the room where they lived, removing their belongings.

During the inspection of the scene, it was found that the body was under a bed, with its face covered by a plastic bag and in an obvious state of decomposition.

As a result of the above, the prosecutor on duty, Luis Vacca, was notified, who arrived at the scene and entrusted the procedures to the Criminalistics Laboratory (Lacrim) and the Criminal Investigation Brigade (Bicrim) of the PDI.

Deputy Commissioner Hugo Acevedo, of the Metropolitan Homicide Brigade (BH), pointed out that “the victim would be a foreign citizen, apparently of Bolivian nationality, who today was found by the owner of the city where she lived. “Every time, according to information from local residents, strong odors were felt.”

This precedent was noticeable since last Monday, which led to “the owner of the place breaking the door, entering, finding the lifeless body of the victim,” said Detective Acevedo, adding that “The date of death is four to five days.” He specified that the apparent cause of death would be asphyxiation, but the result of the autopsy is awaited.

Regarding the victim’s partner, the PDI reported that they are working with witness registration and cameras, to establish his location and finalize his arrest.

After learning of the incident, the mayor of Melipilla, Lorena Olavarría, stated that “we are worried and dismayed.” because once again we have to mourn the death of a woman due to an alleged femicide.”

“We know that this is a State problem that requires more programs, more financing, more political will, and so far, as the commune of Melipilla, we have managed to increase the programs provided to us by the Ministry of Women. Still, it is not enough. We must have a National Rural Security Plan that addresses both domestic violence and violence against women that we experience in our rural communities,” added the community leader.

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Abbas applauds the decision of Spain, Norway and Ireland to recognize the State of Palestine

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas, applauded Spain's announcement this Wednesday, Norway and Ireland on the recognition of the State of Palestine, which will materialize on May 28 in these three cases, and has stressed that it...

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