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Paphos FC is delightful and climbed to 2nd place with four

Paphos FC went to Larnaca deflated, having crushed AEZ with 4-1 in “Ammochostos” and celebrated their first double. The group of Karsedos, immediately forgot the defeat by APOEL last Wednesday and with seriousness and without giving any rights, got what they wanted, a result that raised them to 2the position and at -1 from the top.

Paphos FC was stormy in the first part and only in the 9thThe minute found the way to the net with a header from Valakari. And he could have found the second goal faster, which came in the 34th minute from Tankovic with a set piece, but AEZ goalkeeper Milosavlijevic was very good. In the end, however, she was defeated again and thus the Carcedos group tilted the plate towards her and in the 43rd minute she practically “locked” the double with Zairos. The Brazilian, who earlier missed several chances, raised his score with a shot and also marred his very good presence with a goal.

AEZ, which in the first half made many mistakes and did not have a good image at all, in the 45th minute scored with Kastro and put Paphos in… worry. However, despite her effort in the second half as well, where she missed some good chances to claim a profit, she was unable to make the cut. On the contrary, he saw the score indicator grow, with Davos in the 84th minute scoring and making it 1-4, and while previously other opportunities were missed by the guests.

The evolution of the fight

– End of the match

89′ – Dagomir’s shot hits the crossbar.

84′ – Goal for Paphos FC: Davo found space from the left and with his left, he brought an early end to the match.

76′ – Just outside Dragomir’s place in a very good opportunity for the Paphian team.

74′ – Very good moment for AEZ with Diggini following Ruiz’s cross from the left side.

60′ – New difficult intervention by the goalkeeper of AEZ on a shot by Tankovic from the height of the penalty.

55′ – Milosavlijevic in the right position on Ikoko’s place from the right.

53′ – From a fairly good position, Manga puts it out after a pass from Tankovic.

47′ – Hatzivasilis from very close misses a great opportunity for AEZ in a shot from the left of Hatzipaschalis.

Start of the second half

End of the first half after a nine-minute delay.

45’+2′ – A mistake by the Paphos defense, Castro became the receiver but from a very good position he crossed without power and Ivusic collected.

45′ – Goal for AEZ: With a cross, Delmiro sent the ball into the area of ​​Pafos and Castro reduced it with projection.

43′ – Goal for Paphos FC: Zairo, with a beautiful shot, did not leave room for a reaction to the goalkeeper of the home team and thus “cleaned up” the match from halftime for the Carcedos team.

34′ – Goal for Paphos FC: Manga with a nice ball found Tankovic who with a cool place, doubled his team’s goals.

28′ – From the height of the small area, Zairo with nice energy, misses the target.

26′ – Ruiz’s shot from the left, the ball stops on the post and after it was countered somewhere, it went for a corner.

25′ – A tragic pass from Delmiro, Zairo went past Milosavlijevic but the return of the Brazilian striker found the AEZ goalkeeper and a great chance flew for Paphos FC.

18′ – Just next to the right post of the goalkeeper of AEZ, the shot from Tankovic.

12′ – Chance for Paphos FC with Tavares, who shoots but Milosavlijevic clears for a corner.

9′ – Goal for Paphos FC: Beautiful header from Valakari after Dragomir’s cross from the left.

Start of the match

AEZ: Milosavlievich, Pastellis, Antoniou, Delmiro (86′ Slogar), Ruiz (81′ Christofi), Reynolds, Santos (65′ Christou), Sarfo (46′ Yusuf), Kastro, Hatzivasilis (81′ Sifnaios), Dighini.

PAPHOS: Ivusic, Ikoko, Goldar, Rous (72′ Kvinda), Tavares, Nam, Dragomir, Valakari (79′ Davo), Tankovic (86′ Tumasi), Manga (69′ Abdusalamov), Zairo (79′ Pelagio).

SCORER: 45′ Kastro / 9′ Valakari, 34′ Tankovic, 43′ Zairo, 84′ Davo

YELLOW: 86′ Reynolds / 49′ Rous, 57′ Ikoko

REFEREE: Christoforou Marios

First Assistant Referee: Toumazou Andreas

Second Assistant Referee: Iakovou Charalambos

4th Referee: Dimitris Koumis

VAR: Theouli Chrysovalantis

AVAR: Lazarou Ioannis

Observer: Tsagaris Marios

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