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Palmeiras intensifies talks with Atlético-MG for Allan

Allan, from Atlético-MG, is in the sights of Palmeiras

Credit: Pedro Souza/ Atlético-MG

Palmeiras is moving to meet requests from coach Abel Ferreira. Allan midfielder, from Atlético-MG, is the club’s priority. He became an option to replace Eduard Atuesta, who suffered a serious injury to his right knee and, as a result, will be inactive for seven months.

O Torcedores.com found that Palmeiras is intensifying negotiations for the 25-year-old player. The big question in the conversations is that Allan is considered an important part of the squad commanded by coach Eduardo Coudet. In view of this, Atlético-MG must play hard to release the athlete.

Atlético-MG, at this moment, needs to reinforce its finances. After all, the board has been working hard to keep the football department’s payroll in order. But that doesn’t mean the club will trade the midfielder for any amount.

In addition, the alvinegra board understands that it may face difficulties to replace the piece by going to the ball market only in the next transfer window. That’s because, in addition to Palmeiras, Flamengo is also looking for a player for the position.

Also according to the report, Palmeiras has not yet found a loophole to present an offer that is financially interesting for Atlético-MG. There was no proposal yet, just a poll to find out the athlete’s situation.

To negotiate Allan, the alvinegra board has already defined a “magic number” of 15 million euros (R$ 82.5 million, at current quotations). Internally there is a consensus that the midfielder has great market potential, which would make the São Paulo club profit even more in the future.

Palmeiras, on the other hand, has a defined value to start conversations to have Allan: 6 million euros (R$ 33 million). If you want to count on the athlete, the alviverde board will need to improve the proposal, as the probability of a negotiation for that amount is unfeasible.

Palmeiras evaluates other names

So far, Palmeiras still does not have a name that can be considered coach Abel Ferreira’s priority. However, executive director Anderson Barros is “groping” the market to find a solution that meets the needs of the Portuguese language.

In addition to Allan, from Atlético-MG, manager Alviverde is still talking to two players who are abroad: Matheus Henrique and Walace from Sassuolo and Udinese, respectively, both from Italy.

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