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The check in Promahonas brought two arrests – See in a picture what the police found

The police made arrests after contraband cigarettes that they found in a check they did on Bastion… Two foreigners, who were arrested yesterday afternoon (08-12-2023)...


NÎMES Supra! Surprising physics

Did you know that at certain temperatures we can levitate objects? That since Galileo in the 17th century, we have understood that a...



Colorado board declares $200,000 cystic fibrosis drug to be affordable

Colorado’s new prescription drug review board decided in a first-in-the-nation vote that a medication costing more than $200,000 a year doesn’t qualify as “unaffordable,”...

Inside the streaming site Kick

One day this summer, internet personality Adin Ross switched on his camera and started broadcasting himself live to thousands of fans, sipping a Yerba...

The 12 months that changed Silicon Valley forever

At 1 p.m. on a Friday shortly before Christmas last year, Kent Walker, Google’s top lawyer, summoned four of his employees and ruined their...

If Deion Sanders wants more “privacy,” ditch the film crews

Based on your emails, especially the ones we can’t print in a family newspaper, y’all feel the Grading The Week staff can be a...

Cold is cold enough to open warming shelters in Denver

Cold is cold enough Re: “How cold should it be to open shelters?” Nov. 29 news story I read the recent article in The Denver Post...


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