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Orion Campus in Evron. The apprenticeship route, a good option for your studies?

Dorine, Clara, Lucie, Louise (standing), with Florianne Garry, apprenticeship coordinator at Orion Professional Campus
Students with Florianne Garry, apprenticeship coordinator at Orion Professional Campus. ©.Les Alpes Mancelles

Carrying out apprenticeship training is possible at orion-campus. The approach concerns professional baccalaureate Services to People and Territories (Sapat).

It was introduced to the Orion campus at the start of the school year last September in parallel with the initial course in study with internships. “It’s putting the theory seen in class into practice, being methodical in your work. An investment in the future by confronting the reality of the world of work. Efficient and rapid professional integration with a network of professionals”, detail Florianne Garrycoordinator of the apprenticeship stream and Nathalie Jugé, head teacher, initial stream.

They add: “It’s a culture shock, while getting a better idea of ​​the health and social profession. ”

The observation of the two training courses, with testimonials from students, shows a common point, a firm desire to be at the service of others, both with the elderly and with young children, with one goal: to go beyond baccalaureate in their studies.

These students who have chosen the alternation

Clara, 17, opted for the work-study program. “I am in training at 3C. I work at the CCAS, in the crèche, on all the social issues in Coëvrons. A global view of everything related to early childhood with multi-purpose, extracurricular and catering agents. We are immersed in the work. »

For Louise, 16, she is doing her apprenticeship atVaiges nursing home. “I would like, after my professional baccalaureate, to continue my studies to be a nurse, also in work-study training. Working in nursing homes allows me to be closer to the elderly, we are happy to talk to them. This is my field and the alternation immerses us in the reality of everyday life. »

The teachers insisted on one point: “work-study students must also manage their salary, and therefore learn to manage their budget, which is not negligible. ”

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Friday, March 10: Open house at the Orion Campus from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Reception 7, boulevard du Maréchal-Leclerc.

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