“Mad Of Lake is a race I always look forward to because of the impeccable atmosphere. Living on the shore of the lake, lots of Czech competitors and I feel more like on vacation,” smiles Slavík.

He likes the fast track, which is comparable to the downhills in South America. “But in Italy it’s much more technical with a lot of dangerous places. I would say that – in terms of length and difficulty – it is between the level of Czech descents and South America,” continued the biker, who is nicknamed Datel in the downhill community.

Barbora Špotáková

Maybe I’ll throw in something, says Špotáková about the spear. Sons play soccer

He rode the new Ghost Riot CF bike with 160/140 travel and a weight of only 13.8 kg. “That’s science fiction to me. Everything worked as it should. In the pedaling sections I pressed it, in the important ones I was more accurate and the physique worked great. All together gave a beautiful first place with a big margin. And that both in the race and in the race itself. I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next one,” explained Tomáš Slavík.

Mad of Lake from a rider’s perspective:

Source: Youtube