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Omonia changes the way of communication with the world

With the communications manager Andreas Dimitriou, the show “Total Green” of Omonia started, in which the sports director of the greens, Jesper Jansson, will be a guest.

The team’s press representative noted that his presence on the show is due to the fact that he wants to inform the world about the management’s new way of communicating with the world, with the information being divided into four categories.

Read what he said about it:

We wanted to standardize the way we will communicate for people so they know what to expect from us and have a more organized process. We have divided our public placements into four categories.

The first category has to do with the daily news of the team, information about the injured, federation issues, tickets and so on, we will aim to do it once a week.

The second area is how the team’s short-term and long-term strategic planning is progressing, postings on this issue I estimate to be once a month.

We’ll have the broadest views on how the whole organization is going, from the president or even the deputy president. We estimate that these will take place every semester.

There will also be extraordinary placements, cases when we will judge that a public intervention is needed by the team and we will proceed accordingly.

Basically we wanted to let the world know that we will try to implement this process to provide as good communication between the team and the world as possible.

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