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Oil as a new magician in the home: It cleans even what a regular cleaner is not enough for

No, that’s not a joke. Ordinary table oil can be a useful helper in the home, and not only in the kitchen. The oil itself usually causes hard-to-clean stains, but in some cases it works great as a cleaner on its own. In the blink of an eye, it gets rid of glue residue from practically anything that no household cleaner could. In addition, it is an ecological, non-toxic, but also cheap and gentle method.

In some cases, oil can cope better than ordinary cleaning agents.

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The feeling when a label comes off the handle of a kitchen utensil, which then sticks to the palm of your hand during use, is not exactly pleasant. However, removing residual glue is not always easy. An ordinary soap cleaner is not enough for it, sand is often not either, and the abrasive component can also irreversibly damage the object’s surface. But how to remove adhesive residues effectively and without damaging the cleaned surface? Oil! Cleaning with greasy substances is easy, gentle, and there is no risk of scratching the material.

Oil as a great cleanser

Many products, from beauty products to personal care products to home accessories, are equipped with a self-adhesive label. There is nothing wrong with some products, but with others it needs to be removed before use – typically with kitchen utensils, dishes or perhaps with combs. If the sticker can be removed well, everything is without complications. However, if most of the adhesive remains on the product after the sticker is removed, a problem arises. It is often not possible to remove it with ordinary cleaners, sand or anything else. And it is at this moment that ordinary table oil comes into play.

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“Oil cleaning is the perfect option to maintain the quality of products in your home. At the same time, it is an environmentally friendly method. The oil can be used to perfectly clean tarnished metal, revive wooden furniture, remove adhesive residues from labels, but also clean stainless steel or care for leather furniture,” claims the olive oil producer from Spain Olive Oil from Spain.

How to remove glue residue using oil

Take a regular cloth or microfiber cloth and put a drop of plain oil on it. But you can also use olive, coconut, lard, or even butter. Then just use circular movements to remove the remains of the cardboard from the desired object. The glue loosens over time. Then remove the grease with, for example, dishwashing liquid and a damp soft cloth.

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In some cases, it is enough to rub the oil with your fingers or a cloth and the glue will loosen, in other cases, the cardboard holds like nails. In that case, you need to proceed a little differently.

“First, apply oil to the glue residue and let it work for a while. For vertical surfaces, use, for example, nut or ordinary butter, which does not run down. Then use a kitchen rubber spatula and try to carefully remove the glue,” he advises with the procedure Life Hackerwhich brings useful tips not only for the home.

How to remove sticker residue from various surfaces?

Source: Youtube

This method of removing glue or cardboard residues can be used for example with new plates, mugs, pots, but also with plastic furniture, combs, brooms or even shoe soles.

Oil polishes metals and cleans wood

In addition to newly purchased products for your home, the oil can also be used as a remover of sticky surfaces, for example, on windows, glass, mirrors and the dashboard of your car. In short, wherever there is a risk that the use of an abrasive agent, paint remover or thinner could cause irreversible scratching or etching of the surface.

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“In this way, I remove the glue not only from the label on the bottom of mugs or plates, but also on the windows when I take down seasonal decorations. The glue dissolves in no time, and there is no risk of scratching the glass. It also works on mirrors or perhaps the dashboard in a car,” reader Alice Bláhová from Prague sent Deník a tip for a successful procedure.

In addition to glue residues, the oil is also perfect for cleaning some surfaces. Especially metals, stainless steel and wood are very good friends with the oil cleaner. Conversely, oil as a cleaning agent is not suitable for any textile surface.

Are you interested in the possibilities of how to clean things with the help of oil? Let yourself be inspired by other tips for DIY, which you can find in the menu of articles below.

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