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Officials and DC define sectoral coordinators for the municipal campaign

25 days before the municipal primaries, the pact With you Chile Bettermade up of the 10 ruling parties plus the Christian Democrats, continues to advance in the organization of its electoral campaign.

At 9:00 p.m. this Tuesday, for example, the municipal campaign content team of the ruling party and the DC, had one of its first meetings.

In this space, which will be in charge of highlighting the general programmatic axes with which they will attend the elections, the former expert commissioner has already been appointed as coordinators. Leslie Sanchez (Liberal Party) and the vice president of the Green Regionalists (FRVS), Rodrigo Cerda.

Both will lead the team that also includes the former president of the PPD Natalia Piergentili; Daniel Jadue’s chief of staff, Soledad Concha (PC); the Frente Amplistas Matias Peralta (RD) and Beatriz Roque (CS); the president of the front of professionals and technicians of the DC, Luis Acevedo; the former undersecretary of Telecommunications of the second government of Michelle Bachelet, Pedro Huichalaf (PPD); Francisco Floresfrom the PS; Felipe Duranfrom Humanist Action; Marcelo Encina, from the Radical Party (PR); and the former minister Victor Osoriofrom the FRVS.

But the content team will not be the only ones in charge of the campaign of the ruling party and the DC. Next to this subgroup are the spaces territorial and of communications.

The territorial team would be led by one of the vice presidents of the PS, Eduardo Bermúdez, and the electoral manager of the PR, Lilet Rosas.. The two will also coordinate with the communist Martina Valenzuela; the broad front Manuel Inostroza, from RD; the vice president of the PPD, Christopher Barra; Victoria Trappfrom the DC; Ricardo Zuniga, from the PL; and Catalina Vidalfrom Humanist Action.

On the other hand, the campaign communications group will be led by the socialist Arturo Barrios -one of the coordinators of the territorial team of “En contra”- and the Frente Amplista Naomi Nile (CS).

Michelle Bachelet’s former undersecretary of government will also work with them. Rodolfo Baier (PR) and one of the DC negotiators in the registration of the pact, Joaquin Orellana. In addition, they will also integrate said space Carlos Ugas (PC), Hector Paz (PPD), Esteban Suarez (PL), Felipe Allende (Humanist Action) and Fabián Corbalan (FRVS), among others.

Although the letters to lead the general coordination are not yet completely defined, The names that have been outlined continue to be those of the political scientist Joaquín Orellana (DC) and the general secretary of the Democratic Revolution, Tatiana Urrutia.

The latter has been questioned within the ruling party itself following its intervention in a discussion organized by Equality Institute, on Friday of last week. In that instance, She slipped that “we are probably going to lose,” acknowledged that “we are super worn out” and stated that mandatory voting “is scary.”.

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