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Nunes vs. Núñez: the Brazilian methodological revolution that exposes the shortcomings of the truncated previous process of the UC

Tiago Nunes gave a new look to Catholic University. A team without direction, without ideas or confidence, suddenly regained its punch, goals and competitiveness. With fast, precise and specific modifications, The Brazilian achieved what he never could Nicolas Nunezhis predecessor: give an orderly game structure to the crusaders.

Today, UC is excited about reaching the top of the table, after two consecutive wins against Cobresal and Deportes Iquique. In a very short time, the coach drastically improved what the former Magallanes coach was doing until just over a month ago.. However, what were the changes that the one born in Rio Grande do Sul implemented with respect to the work of the previous trainer?

Nicolas Nunez The 4-3-3 did not change even in the most complex moments of its truncated process. Despite the obvious wear and tear of the formula and not having the necessary extremes, he insisted on drawing it and ended up paying dearly. Instead, Tiago Nunes and his collaborators did an accurate and quick analysis of the squad, in which they concluded that The systems that best suited the characteristics of their players were 4-4-2 and 4-2-2-2. “Tactically, he already showed different things compared to what we had been doing,” Fernando Zampedri said after the first practices with the new coach.. The change in scheme improved both the offensive and defensive aspects, because now the university students are a short team, which follows the play in blocks, with César Pinares and Lucas Menossi becoming more and more integrated. And the results prove it.

Nunes’ first practice at the helm of UC lasted exactly two hours. The trend continued and was highlighted by the players. “They have been very intense weeks. It has been noted that the teacher seeks to raise the physical issue in us. We have run quite a bit”, revealed Gonzalo Tapia, prior to the match against Cobresal, the first triumph of the Brazilian era. A very different scenario than the one experienced before with Núñez, when practices on average did not exceed 90 minutes, in the foothills. And it was noticeable, because the physical level of the strip team was very poor.

The Brazilian quickly realized this and began a work plan to improve this aspect, in which significant progress has already been seen. “We are trying to change the work methodology a little. The physical aspect is important and not only depends on preparation, but also on the mental aspect so that the player feels prepared to compete.”explained the coach on TNT Sports.

Throughout the era of Nicolas Nunez, Gonzalo Tapia played as a right winger, very close to the band and where most of the time he looked uncomfortable. However, with Nunes that changed immediately. The former Athletico Paranaense coach centralized the 22-year-old forward years to play alongside Fernando Zampedri. And he performed immediately: in the three games coached by the new coach, the UC coach scored two goals and two assists, both for El Toro.

Precisely, Tapia’s company has allowed the Argentine to be more free in the area and not as isolated as a few weeks ago, when the former Magallanes was on the bench. Both have formed a great partnership. “It’s what the teacher asks me to do during the week. With Fer we communicate a lot. I think we are doing a good job during the week, we are coordinating our movements well. We know that when one goes, the other has to go to spaces”Tapia graphed.

A decision that was not whimsical. “In his period in basic forces he has played as a center forward all the time and has scored many goals. For a physically powerful player, when you limit him to one wing, you may limit his movements and move him away from the goal.. Furthermore, he helps Fernando in that position, because he no longer plays alone, and when he plays alone he is an easy reference for the center backs,” said Nunes, who despite having been in the team for a short time San Carlos de Apoquindo He demonstrates a surprising and complete knowledge of the qualities and limitations of his team.

“Until Friday afternoon we don’t know who is going to be summoned or who is going to play, that generates something internally”revealed Nicolas Castillo after the victory against Cobresal, when UC finally showed a new face after a long time. Tapia agreed: “He never sets up a team. Nobody knows during the week who is going to play. A very healthy competition is formed. “We don’t know until the day before the game who is going to play.”. This Nunes methodology has generated an internal competitiveness that did not exist before. With Núñez on the bench, the dressing room knew on Wednesdays, after soccer practice, who would play that weekend. Now this has changed and everyone must earn their place until the last training session.

It is not the only variation with respect to the previous process. Precisely to increase the internal struggle and after the goalless draw with Huachipato, Tiago Nunes integrated 11 players from the projection category (U21) into the first team training sessions, with the aim of sending a message to the honorable squad, to put pressure on the established players and, obviously, to observe which youth team can be a real alternative in the long term. “The intention of calling the projection players is to increase the competitive intensity,” remarked the coach.

One of Nicolás Núñez’s main mistakes was insist to exhaustion on starting with the ball under control, even in moments of pressure, when it was evident that the path had to be different. The specific problem was not the fact of coming out playing in itself, but the exasperating slowness and predictability that took over the UC.

Today the only four-time champion of long Chilean soccer tournaments He no longer abuses that style. If it is necessary to come out with a hit, he does it without fear. In this regard, Nunes is clear: “I’m not a fan of playing in all of them. No. Because, for example, I have a center forward like Zampedri who fights well on the first ball. I have enough people in the middle lane to win the second ball and, perhaps, start the creation phase from the middle.”

And he adds: “However, I also leave that decision to the discretion of the center backs and the goalkeeper, according to the context of the game.” A paradigm shift that is applauded in the cross dressing room.

Tiago Nunes He has stressed that no one has the starting jersey guaranteed. That, If he sees that a player did not have a 100% week, he will not call him up. This is what he did, for example, with Nicolas Castillo for the duel against Huachipato, where he was not even on the bench. However, the forward reappeared against Cobresal, with a good performance, and especially against Iquique, where he was the hero with an agonizing goal from a free kick.

Nunes’ motto is clear: those who are better play, period. The same goes for changes during games. If Fernando Zampedri always played the 90′ ​​with Nicolás Núñez, that does not happen with the new coach. El Toro has been replaced at 70′ and 73′ in the last two matches, simply because the game required a different type of player at that time, much fresher physically. The same happens with Alexander Aravena, one that was rarely replaced early in the previous process. Monito has had an opaque performance in the last duels, and the former Botafogo coach has not hesitated to replace him.

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