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Not only TOP 09, but the whole government was embarrassed

The government is once again a laughing stock. Specifically, TOP 09 and its chairwoman Markéta Pekarová Adamová. After the parliamentary elections, she refused the ministerial position and chose the much more comfortable, but politically insignificant chair of the head of the lower chamber. So she had only one important representative in Fiala’s cabinet, namely Vlastimila Válk on healthcare. The second chair was created artificially, because in the past period no one lacked science, research and innovation. Also why, if forty billion are managed by individual departments, universities or the Academy of Sciences, so that after their allocation, the minister no longer has any influence on the further use of these funds?

Actually, anyone could sit behind the top in the cabinet. It is not important whether he was dedicated to the given area, had the respect of the professional community and was a good manager. Not even whether he somehow learned it over time. If he wasn’t fulfilling an advertising mission and didn’t have likes, he was screwed. That’s exactly what happened Helena Langšádlová.

A botched ministerial charade

The desperate lack of people led TOP 09 to nominate Pavel Tuleja. She didn’t even have time to check his scientific and human qualities, it was enough for her that he acted as rector. So shove him into the government. She made shame like thunder. Slow down now goes back to the proven MP Marko Ženíšekwho is not visibly close to scientific issues, but at least he can walk in it.

How does this charade affect citizens? “One of the fundamental problems is the long-term lack of trust in the state on the part of the population, which is accompanied by several phenomena: the lack of resilience of democratic institutions, incomprehensible steps taken by the government, poor communication and an ineffective fight against disinformation and hybrid threats,” the State Reconstruction initiative assessed last year’s situation in the country .

Jan Klička

The biggest contract in the Czech Republic can also be the biggest problem

Remembrancers may remember a joke that was told during socialism: “From the street lamp in Bardějov, the call sounds: “Anyone who does not yet have a position in Prague, should come to the bus tomorrow at seven in the morning.” I will add an explanation for the younger years. After the Soviet occupation, one of the most powerful men in Czechoslovakia became Vasil Biľak, the long-time secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU. He was born in the north-east of Slovakia and thanks to him, many of his compatriots came to Prague to “do politics”. Mostly without education, but with the right ideological equipment.

In November 1989, Václav Havel, Miloš Zeman or Václav Klaus burst into our lives and acted as an apparition. Their words had substance, they knew what they wanted to achieve. The two latter have built a strong left-wing and right-wing party around them. ČSSD and ODS had a comprehensible program based on ideas and a lot of prominent personalities.

Where the personalities are, where they can be

I remembered it in connection with the death of Miroslav Mack. He was not a politician of my taste, but I had to admit that he was educated, smart and straightforward in his views. When he died, most people remembered his blunt expression. “He was hardworking, he was fearless and a purely right-wing person,” Václav Klaus wrote about him. Macek retired from politics in 2001, and yet many people remember him as a prominent personality of the polytrack scene.

But I can name many others, for example Jaroslav Kubera, a sharp ironist and the repeatedly elected mayor of Teplice. Josef Lux, the president of Lidovec, left a strong mark in modern history, and we still feel the magic of the ex-minister of culture under social democracy, Pavel Dostál. Where are their successors and where are the parties they represented then? “Today, they are often rather closed clubs that don’t care much about the membership base. They strive, and we all know in what forms, once in a while, when there are elections, for the votes of the voters, and that’s where it ends for them to a certain extent,” commented the former president of the Constitutional Court, Pavel Rychetský, two years ago on Czech Radio, a party eel.

Today, a person does not get into a high position just because he was born and lived somewhere (even if the number of ministers from Brno is a bit suspicious), or because he blindly believed in the only recognized worldview and was otherwise completely obtuse. But the current criteria are not exactly a reason to cheer either. You must be a member of a party that forms or supports a coalition. If there are not enough seats in the government, they will be created without problems as described above.

An explosive cocktail

And when politicians fail, who are interchangeable, often arrogant, incompetent and sometimes embarrassing to ridiculous, citizens are not sure that they will be replaced by a professional and efficient state administration. In the annual report of the Supreme Audit Office, we can read that “at a time of deteriorating security situation in the world, the Czech Republic is not sufficiently prepared for crises and extraordinary events.” Every taxpayer must wonder what the politicians and officials are doing in their positions.

Kateřina Perknerová

Whoever is not with us is against us

Together, this creates an explosive cocktail that can cost society as a whole. Latent dissatisfaction with the political scene, constant attacks and targeted incitement of hatred and mistrust are fertile ground for the rise of someone else, a young one. This will be a chisel that won’t mess up, according to a message from Jára Cimrman. Party headquarters should not go crazy because of clicks on the posts of their well-known faces. Their goal is not only to win elections, but also to cultivate public space. And if political reservoirs dwindle, it will be bad. Because, as the Constitution of the Czech Republic says, the domestic political system “is based on the free and voluntary formation and free competition of political parties”.

But who will compete when there are no viable organisms and only nymandi, power traders or hochstaplers are offered instead?

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