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Northern lights in Hesse: Rare natural spectacle on Saturday night |

Bright colors in the night sky: Rarely have the chances of admiring the Northern Lights in Hesse been as good as in the coming night. Location and equipment are crucial.

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Northern lights expected in the Hessian sky

240510_1645_polar lights

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Many people travel to Scandinavia specifically to admire the rare Northern Lights. The Hessians can save themselves the expensive trip on the night from Friday to Saturday. “With a bit of luck, you have the opportunity to observe a rare natural spectacle here,” says hr weather expert Tim Staeger.

He has been reporting since the beginning of the week American Meteorological Service NOAA strong solar activity. Apparently there are mass ejections from the sun, i.e. huge emissions of so-called plasma. The reddish-green auroras occur when electrically charged particles are thrown from the sun into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Where can they be seen particularly well?

Basically: the darker the environment, the greater the chance of seeing the northern lights. The best way to see the Northern Lights is outside in nature, far away from street lamps or other lights. And then look north – because that’s where the lights come from.

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Best view of northern lights

Pink sky

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Just last November, the impressive lights had been lit several times presented in the Hessian night sky.

Be sure to take your cell phone with you

Another tip: be sure to take a cell phone with you. Because the cameras record the light much better than we do with the naked eye. Experience has shown that the best time is in the middle of the night.

“The chances are good for northern lights sightings in Hesse,” says hr meteorologist Staeger. Because the weather conditions are ideal with clear skies. Only in northern Hesse could there be some clouds during the night. However, this hardly restricts the visibility of the large northern lights.

Why so much northern light?

There is a reason why Northern Lights sightings have been increasing in Hesse since autumn. Increased solar activity is responsible for this. It goes through an 11-year cycle with sometimes weak, sometimes strong activity and we are currently moving towards the activity maximum of the current cycle.

This can be recognized by the so-called sunspots. The more spots, the more active the sun. These spots sometimes explode and then send clouds of plasma into space. If the direction is correct, they hit the earth, are captured at the poles and cause particles in the ionosphere to glow – the northern lights are created. The more plasma that separates from the sun, the more intense the event becomes. In the current case, the first plasma cloud reached Earth in the evening around 8 p.m. – so things are looking good for northern lights at night.

Huge sunspot

The sunspot responsible for this week’s explosive activity and many bursts of solar plasma is gigantic in size. It measures more than 200,000 kilometers from east to west, making it more than 15 times larger than the diameter of the Earth.

Planning to take snapshots of the Northern Lights? If you would like, let us and the users take part and send us your most beautiful photo. We will publish a selection on our homepage on Saturday.

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