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A medical miracle, that's what the story of a seventy-six-year-old patient who came...
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No more strikes: Collective bargaining agreement in local public transport in Hesse |

No more warning strikes in public transport for the time being: municipal employers and the Verdi union have agreed on improved working conditions for around 8,000 employees. They should receive more money and work less in the future.

Verdi Hesse spoke of “difficult negotiations” in a statement on Tuesday. Nevertheless, a collective bargaining agreement was reached with the municipal employers’ association in Hesse in the fifth round of negotiations.

Weekly working hours decrease

The result for the approximately 8,000 employees of the municipally operated public transport system (ÖPNV) in Hesse provides for “extensive improvements in working conditions”.

Among other things, it was agreed to reduce weekly working hours in two steps from 39 to 38 hours per week by 2026 – and a longer uninterrupted rest period from 10 to 11 hours. In addition, a reduction in the maximum service length from 14 to 13 hours is planned.

50 percent Sunday surcharge

There should also be more money for employees: through an increase in the annual special payment, an increase in the Sunday bonus from 25 to 50 percent and an allowance of 20 percent for work on Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Verdi negotiator Jochen Koppel said: “We didn’t give each other anything and at times it looked like failure on both sides. But now a good compromise has been reached. Our colleagues have clearly improved.”

Members are interviewed

The collective agreement will be formally finalized through a survey of the affected Verdi members, as the union also announced. The survey is expected to begin next week, Koppel said when asked by HR. We recommend accepting the outcome of the negotiations.

According to the municipal employers’ association, negotiations with the dbb civil service association have not yet been completed. The next round is scheduled for April 24th in Frankfurt.

A collective agreement is also still pending for employees of private bus companies in Hesse. According to Verdi, there will be a second round of negotiations on Wednesday.

Multiple strikes

There was a strike break during the Easter holidays However, bus and train drivers had previously stopped work several times and thus paralyzed large parts of local transport, especially in Frankfurt, Kassel, Wiesbaden and Gießen.

Last They went on strike for three days in mid-March. There were no subways or trams in Frankfurt. There were serious bus and train failures in Kassel. There were massive restrictions on bus traffic in Wiesbaden. In Giessen, the buses ran according to the Saturday schedule during the strike.

Further information

Broadcast: hr-iNFO, April 16, 2024, 3 p.m

End of further information

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