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“NO” from the trade unions to the compromise proposal of the minister…

Earlier OEB announced that it accepts the proposal.

The proposal for the ATA of the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Yiannis Panagiotou, cannot be accepted as it is, decided the pan-union meeting that took place in the afternoon in the building of the SEK with the participation of 13 organizations.

In a joint statement, which was issued after the pan-union meeting, lasting more than two hours, which was read out by the General Secretary of the Greek Confederation of Trade Unions Andreas Matsas, the organizations “reaffirm their unity and commitment to their goal and authorize the negotiating team, as presented in the upcoming meeting with the Minister of Labor their positions and disagreements on the specific proposal, with the aim of improving and reaching an agreement”.

At the same time, the organizations “clarify their position, that the new agreement should be in the framework defined by the transitional agreement for the ATA of 2017 and in no case accept elements that alter or deconstruct the philosophy of the ATA, especially considering the positions expressed by employers’ organizations”.

Finally, the organizations state that they “remain alert and coordinated, with the aim of reassessing developments to determine their next steps.”

The joint announcement is co-signed by the trade unions SEK, PEO, DEOK, PASYDY, POED, OELMEK, OLTEC, POASO, SAK, SYPYK, PASYKI, SAKS and SYKS.

Asked to state where the mediation proposal of the Minister of Labor needs improvement, Mr. Matsas recommended patience until the joint meeting of trade unions and employers’ organizations on Friday with the Minister of Labor, during which they will present “the points where disagreements arise from the trade union movement so that we can take advantage of the negotiation environment that may be created by the Minister of Labour”.

Asked whether the points include the full restoration of ATA, the General Secretary of the Greek Federation of Greek Orthodox Churches said that the goal of the full restoration of ATA is a position that is recorded in the transitional agreement for ATA of 2017, which the trade unions have co-signed with the employers’ organizations”.

“We must all remain faithful, respecting what we have signed,” he added.

Asked if in the event of a deadlock in the meeting with the Minister of Labor, there will be labor mobilizations, Mr. Matsas said that the unions want to believe that “in the immediate future, starting from tomorrow, conditions will be created that will lead to a positive outcome ».

“The organizations are ready to evaluate the progress of the negotiations, the conclusion of the whole effort, so that we can determine our next steps,” he concluded.

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