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Nina Chuba delivers a sassy, ​​honest and completely loving show |

She became famous with the catchy tune “Wildberry Lillet”. Nina Chuba gave an acclaimed concert in Frankfurt’s Jahrhunderthalle.

By Steffen Edlinger

As soon as you enter, you notice: The Nina Chuba fan base is not only large, but also diverse. Between groups of teens taking selfies in line, parents excitedly stand hand in hand with their little girls. Many of them wear oversized Nina Chuba T-shirts.

For example, there is ten-year-old Maja, who found a place with her dad right in front of the stage. “I wanted to go to the front,” she says, jumping in the air full of anticipation, while her dad says with a wink: “We got here two hours ago.”

Sold out house

If you want a good seat, you had to come early: the Jahrhunderthalle has been sold out for a long time. Many parents with children leave early to get the best possible view. Further back there are many fans in their 20s, 30s and even 40s – like Micha, who came with his friend.

“We are big fans of Seeed and Peter Fox. When I heard Nina Chuba’s entire album, that was the vibe,” says the 42-year-old. It doesn’t bother him that he’s further back.

The supporting band already scores points

At 7.30 p.m. sharp, PaulWetz starts as the opening act and really gets things going with electro and pop beats while the hall continues to fill up. A musically appropriate introduction to Nina Chuba, who literally lets the curtain fall at around 8:15 p.m.

“Who’s back?” was written in large letters, the answer followed loudly from the artist herself: “Nina!” she sings and dances energetically across the stage to her new single. Her drummer, her bassists and her girls with saxophone, trumpet and oboe are there. By the way, Nina will introduce everyone individually later. In general, she makes a lot of cheeky but absolutely loving and emotional announcements to her audience.

“You are all so fine!”

“Hello Frankfurt, my dears,” she calls out to her audience at the beginning with a kiss: “You are all so fine! Oh, how comfortable are you here, so far out in the countryside,” she says with a wink, referring to the location of the Jahrhunderthalle deep in the west of Frankfurt. But she has already been around the Rhine-Main area, she says: “We went to the climbing garden, that was really great.” Then she moves into the next songs from her album “Glas”.

Nina Chuba performs on stage in a red full-body dress, enveloped in red light.

The fact that Nina Chuba, whose real name is Nina Katrin Kaiser and comes from the greater Hamburg area, can perform authentically and casually on stage seems to be something she was born with. As a child she played the piano and practiced gymnastics. As a seven-year-old, she played the youngest investigator in the detective gang in the TV series “Die Pfefferkörner”.

Each song has its own emotion

Her first EP “Power” was released in 2020, followed two years later by the big chart success with “Wildberry Lillet”. In the Jahrhunderthalle, however, it becomes very clear after just a few songs: Nina Chuba can by no means be reduced to a hit.

Her songs released on “Glas” have names like “Glatteis”, “Fieber”, “Neben mir” and “Femminello”. They all sound different, the 25-year-old moves between rap, pop and dancehall, but reggae and techno are also recognizable influences. Each song deals with something different, often feelings such as love, joy, confusion, melancholy or hate, which are expressed in cheeky but honest, emotional lyrics.

Group hugs on the hall floor

Chuba is close to her fans during the concert. About halfway through the show, she suddenly disappears from the stage, leaving only her 3D animated head spinning on the screen with psychedelic effects and supercharged music. Suddenly she jumps onto a small platform at the back of the hall and gets closer to the fans in the back rows and stands.

A saxophonist stands at the front of the stage while Nina Chuba raps behind her.

Here she performs the song “Not Alone” up close and seated, which deals with a serious topic: depression, as Nina says before. The song is for an important person who should realize that they are not alone with the illness. At this moment the hall is quiet and reverent, Nina even manages to get everyone to sit on the floor. As a result, there are group hugs among fans on the hall floor – nice.

Through the crowd with the selfie microphone

Things get completely different later with “Hass Dich”, where we really let off steam. The crowd jumps and jumps, at this moment the last curtains on the stage fall and meter-long streamers fall from the ceiling. The effects on stage are subtle but effective: instead of lasers and light shows, for example, Nina attaches a selfie camera to the microphone and the image is transmitted live to the screen.

At one point, Chuba also walks through the crowd, the audience celebrates in the selfie video and thus becomes part of the music video on the screen. There the images sometimes mix with animations of concrete high-rises or beach scenes.

Full shop, but everything under control

Nina Chuba is there for her audience during the evening: “Turn on the lights, something’s wrong back there, you’re waving?” she asks three times. What exactly is going on cannot be said with certainty. In any case, helpers are rushing there.

And once it’s just a false alarm. “Oh, you just wave like that? Okay, then it’s better not to wave,” says Nina Chuba, smiles and just carries on in a good mood.

Next tour in preparation

Nina Chuba plays for around two hours including an encore. Here you can finally hear “Wildberry Lillet” with confetti and in a great mood, but also the well-worn title “Forest Fire”, which Chuba only performs live.

The audience was eagerly awaiting both songs. At the end, the fans say goodbye to their idol loudly and thunderously from the stage. They don’t have to wait long to return: Nina Chuba will be playing in Frankfurt again next year, then in the larger Festhalle.

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