NÎMES What seats will the Palais des Congrès have?


Lot 20 concerning the Palais des Congrès was under deliberation by the municipal council and concerned the type of “auditorium chair” and the compensation of candidates for the delivery of prototypes.

The interior of the room in question

The city of Nîmes has decided to build a Palais des Congrès in the Arènes – Reboul – République sector, as a continuation of the Musée de la Romanité. A project management competition procedure was launched which resulted, in December 2019, in the appointment of the Chabanne agency as mandated architect for the design and monitoring of the work of the future Palais des Congrès.

At the end of the architectural project design period, a first phase of consultation with companies concerning the work on the future Palais des Congrès was launched in December 2022 for the allocation of priority lots. The second and final phase of consultation is launched, in 2024, for the secondary lots, including lot no. 20 relating to the manufacture and installation of auditorium seats.

Congress Palace

The future Nîmes Congress Center will benefit from geothermal energy • Photo City of Nîmes

Taking into account the ergonomic requirements, the necessary technical adaptations and the quality of materials sought for the auditorium seats, major elements of the identity of the future equipment, it is necessary to be able to assess the quality of the following prototypes with regard to the characteristics of the auditorium: an armchair for the audience, a PRM armchair for the audience room, an armchair for the balcony, a PRM armchair for the balcony.

It is also necessary to determine the amount of the bonus paid to each candidate who submitted the prototypes requested as part of the procurement procedure. For the award of the contract, the contracting authority will implement a formalized procedure of a restricted type provided for by the Public Procurement Code, making it possible to select four candidates for the tender phase, subject to a sufficient number of admissible applications.

In Nîmes, the Palais des Congrès will be the flagship of business tourism (Photo by architect firm).

A bonus will therefore be granted to candidates who have submitted samples that meet the requirements of the specifications. The amount of the bonus paid to each of the four candidates admitted to negotiation having submitted prototypes conforming to the prototypes requested in the consultation regulations is set at 3,120 euros. Expenses relating to these prototypes are taken from the budget of the city of Nîmes.

The future Palais des Congrès • Photo 3xn

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