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NÎMES Le Mas de Mingue, an in-depth transformation

How will the urban renewal projects change the appearance of priority neighborhoods in Nîmes? Focus on the Mas de Mingue, located east of Nîmes, thanks to Vivre Nîmes in January 2023.

In this district of 3,000 inhabitants modeled by the large housing estates of the 1960s, the aim is to find a balance between nature, housing, services and shops. Pleasant and lively squares and public gardens, quality facilities and housing, opening up the neighborhood to greater diversity. They will fit into a more natural landscape preserved from the risk of flooding.

The demolition of the Agrippa d’Aubigné building (Boule d’Or) in 2021 will make way for an urban park hosting playgrounds, picnic tables… It will end with the market square at the junction of the street Agrippa d’Aubigné and Monseigneur Claverie. 15 houses will be built on the site of the old school: the choice of operator will be made in early 2023, for delivery in mid-2025.

The Crickets will sing

The new gateway to the Mas de Mingue district will be made up of a large green square by 2025, enlarged after the demolition of the commercial slab. Shops and a medical house should take place on the ground floor of the condominium, which is the subject of a requalification operation for several years. 25 housing units and 380 m2 shops will replace the current garages. On the other side of the Courbessac road, at the foot of the new T2 station, a housing complex of 30 home ownership units and 170 m2 of commercial and service areas, signed Kalithys, will begin construction at the end of 2023.

All of the Crickets (Photo Anthony Maurin Archives).

The Clos des Coustelles

Here, two housing programs are planned. The first, at the intersection of rue Charles Péguy, is a Habitat du Gard operation made up of 24 housing units which will house the Mas de Mingue crèche by 2025, which is currently located in the Grillons condominium. The second is a private operation of 50 housing units carried out by Ametis, which should be delivered at the end of 2025.

The Jean Paulhan Center (Photo Anthony Maurin Archives).

In the heart of the district, the Jean Paulhan social center is expanding in 2023 by welcoming in its eastern part the premises of the new annex town hall. More attractive, it becomes the place of convergence for all the administrative procedures for the inhabitants. The surroundings of the Jean Paulhan social center will be requalified at the end of 2023 by a development in landscaped terraces connected to the rest of the district.

Nature at the gates of the city

More than 6,000 m² will be developed in 2024 on the “Mimosas” site, creating a real island of freshness for the district and allowing direct pedestrian continuity between the entrance (Crickets and T2 station) and the heart of the district. The Montaigne (80 housing units) and Ronsard (80 housing units) buildings will be demolished from the end of 2023.

A park in the heart of the district (Photo Archives Anthony Maurin).

It is also a question of removing the waterproofness of the valley as much as possible in order to leave room for the flow of the Vallat de Riquet gift and reconnect with a natural landscape. After the demolition of the Jules Vallès college, the site will host designated, shared and educational gardens. The area around Lovelace College, bordering the new Henri Noël stadium, should be completed for the start of the 2023 school year.

Le Mas de Mingue (Photo Anthony Maurin Archives).

Anthony Maurin

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