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Neymar misses penalty and leaves netizens incredulous: “Impossible”

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After providing a beautiful assist for Messi to open the scoring, Neymar had the chance to score in PSG x Riyadh All-Stars. Hit in the penalty area, the star took responsibility for taking the maximum penalty signaled by the referee. However, even with great efficiency at the whitewash mark, the number 10 failed in the shot, which was saved by goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais.

Waiting until the last moment to move, the goalkeeper of Cristiano Ronaldo’s team didn’t even give a rebound. Thus, Neymar had to deal with a rare frustration after taking a penalty, while the local fans cheered with the defense.

Accustomed to moving goalkeepers around when he is assigned to take penalties PSG and the Brazilian national team, Neymar waits until the last moment to shoot. As a result, Al-Owais’ defense caused a reaction of disbelief on the internet and the bid soon reached the most talked about topics on Twitter.

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