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New statutes in the works: State sports association distances itself from AfD and Junger Alternative |

The State Sports Association and the Sportjugend Hessen distance themselves from the AfD and its youth organization Junge Alternative (JA). The reason is the debate initiated by hr research about the deputy head of the Hessian JA, who is a member of several clubs.

For the State Sports Association of Hesse (LSB), certain AfD demands are incompatible with the values ​​of sport. The association explained this at the request of HR.

Angelika Ribler, spokeswoman for the Sportjugend Hessen and responsible for advising clubs on extremism in the state sports association, said that the sports association was neutral in terms of party politics. But he does take sides when it comes to basic values, children’s and human rights.

“Everyone is welcome in sport”

“Since human rights apply to all people, regardless of their origin and sexual identity, everyone is welcome to play sports at home,” emphasized Ribler.

However, the AfD and the Junge Alternative (JA) pursued a ethnic-nationalist ideology. “The AfD is trying to divide us as a society, and as a sport we definitely won’t allow that.”

State sports association spokeswoman Ribler says she is particularly bothered by the demand for remigration. By this, the AfD and JA mean expelling foreigners, namely foreigners with criminal offenses and those without the right to remain. However, some AfD and especially JA politicians go much further and call for “millions of remigration” – also from migrants with German passport.

Model statutes for sports clubs being revised

According to its own information, the state sports association is currently revising its model statutes for sports clubs. The reason is the one triggered by an HR research Debate about the deputy head of the Junge Alternative Hessen, Dominik Asch, who is a member of several clubs in the Main-Kinzig district, including the Schöneck fire department and the local football club FC 66 Büdesheim. The The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies young alternative as definitely right-wing extremist a.

Ribler said: “Although the clubs share this very clear rejection of the demand for remigration, in practice there is uncertainty about how to act because there are specific people who have been working together for a long time who know each other and who perhaps also value each other as people, even though they do not share the ideology.”

The new statutes are intended to help clubs to differentiate themselves more clearly from extremism and to ensure greater legal certainty.

Schöneck fire department: exclusion process initiated

After the hr research became known, expulsion proceedings from the fire department were initiated against Asch in the municipality of Schöneck. “We stand on the basis of the free democratic basic order and respect the laws,” said the city and the municipal fire inspector. Extremism of any kind has no place in the fire service.

The municipality also announced that Asch was placed on leave at his own request and will no longer perform any duties until the exclusion process has been completed.

Sports club distances itself

When asked by HR in March, FC 66 Büdesheim initially praised Asch as an exemplary comrade who always remained politically neutral. The club then explained: “We as a club consistently distance ourselves from the ethnic ideology of the JA and seek advice and support from the LSB Hessen regarding how to deal with Mr. Asch.”

Asch himself stated that he wanted to further intensify his political involvement in the AfD and JA. He announced in the local press that he would found a local AfD branch in Schöneck. He wrote to the hr that he was aiming to enter federal politics.

Further information

Broadcast: hr-iNFO, May 1st, 2024, 9 a.m

End of further information

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