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New in Caen: the restaurant L’Échoppe offers all-you-can-eat pork ribs in the evening

Matthieu Leclerc opened L'Echoppe in the Quatrans district.
Matthieu Leclerc opened L’Echoppe in the Quatrans district. ©Margaux ROUSSET

The restoration was obvious for Matthieu Leclerc. Born of a Norman father and a Burgundian mother and both restaurateurs in Ifs in Look for noon, he first wanted to satisfy one of his other passions before getting into the kitchen. “I was a jeweler for twelve years in Paris. I still like it, but I wanted to come back to Normandy. » The first containmentwhich he spent in the Normandy countryside with his parents with his brother, was a click.

I knew I would come to catering sooner or later and I wanted to do it before I turned 30.

Matthieu Leclerc, manager of L’Échoppe

It was therefore at the age of 29 that he opened, on January 4, 2023, L’Échoppe in the Quatrans district. “I first wanted to open a food truck before the restaurant and finally, the lead times being very long, I did the opposite. »

In “food” mode

Matthieu thought of L’Echoppe as a friendly restaurant in the Lyonnais cork style. At lunchtime, it offers a reduced menu with only local brasserie-type products. The dishes change every two or three days. Count 15€ for starter-main course or main course-dessert and 20€ for starter-main course-dessert.

It was in the evening that Matthieu developed all its originality. “I offer either a salmon on the board, or all-you-can-eat pork ribs. A bit in binge mode. » Both dishes are accompanied by a beautiful baked potato with its sauce. “I have already seen this concept elsewhere in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries”.

L’Echoppe also serves as a bar all day and offers, at aperitif time, petit fours house to change from the traditional boards.

A Falcon as a food truck

And his food truck then? Matthieu did not give up at all. But his project is ambitious. “I bought, a few years ago now, half of a Falcon 50 (the third business jet and first tri-engine in the Falcon family, editor’s note), in order to transform it. » The shape of the cockpit does not allow easy installation of a galley. “But it is possible, it takes time. »

Videos: currently on Actu
3, place Jean-Letellier. Wednesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Facebook and instagram : Bistro l’échoppe.

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