Do you think there is still room for new banks on the Czech financial market?
We trust each other. We rely on two facts. First of all, we can use the power of our parent financial group of the same name, which has been operating in the Czech Republic for seventeen years and which is very well-known in the field of financial consulting. And secondly, the chosen banking concept, which is unique in the Czech Republic, is also the reason for the belief in success.

But what is its essence, if you talk about uniqueness?
Above all – we are betting on technology. We are the first bank to receive from the Czech National Bank the option to store all data on remote storage, i.e. 100% in the cloud. In addition, we are oriented exclusively towards the use of mobile phones. Services can only be used through the application, in which not only all services of our group are connected – from insurance to loans and investments to the accounts themselves – but also the services of fifty other institutions. Although we have only been operating since March, we have already opened almost thirty thousand accounts for interested parties. And our 175 branches are also a strength, which means fourth place among banks in the Czech Republic.

And when it comes to the content of the services offered?
We say we are the first advisory bank on the market. But apart from the advice, it is of course the essence. For example, we offer an excellent savings account with an interest rate of up to 6.03 percent per annum. Furthermore, we combine modern technologies with the personal approach of advisors. We have prepared three service packages: For one, For two and For a family. These are a summary of current and savings accounts, cards and payment options. You can choose your own account number, either by phone number, date of life such as birthday, etc., or an account in the old bank, which can be transferred directly to us. The interested party opens the account online, it is necessary to click exactly four times to create it.