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Neto shoots after Palmeiras veto at Allianz Parque: “I bother”

Neto pinned Flamengo.

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As part of the celebrations marking the 11th anniversary of the “Os Donos da Bola” program, Neto will share former players and reporters among the four main clubs in São Paulo. However, Palmeiras, unlike its rivals, did not comply with the presenter’s request, since the board prevented the presence of Band members at the Football Academy and also inside Allianz Parque.

I’m going to complete 11 years of ‘Os Donos da Bola’. I don’t know if there is another former player who has an 11-year straight program. With all the difficulties and successes… thank Band for everything. Doing 11 years of program is not for everyone. The program will be at Neo Química Arena, they allowed me to do it there. I called Rogério Ceni and we’re going to do the CT program. Julio Casares and Rogério Ceni will give that strength, Souza will be there. I don’t know which reporter will be there and will talk to Giovanni, holy monster. And Palmeiras forbade it, neither in Allianz Parque nor in CT.“, said Neto on Rádio Bandeirantes.

Despite the veto, Neto guaranteed that he will not pursue Palmeiras as a form of retaliation. Without regretting the decision, the Corinthians idol, who always has an energetic behavior, recalled that he became disaffected by other clubs, federations and even figures outside football

The president, Cícero (Souza) and everyone there didn’t let ‘Os Donos da Bola’ be there for their own reasons. Everything is fine (…) When we forbid it, which is the case with Palmeiras, and they have the right to do so, there is no problem. That’s not why I don’t put Palmeiras as a favorite in the Brazilian, Paulista and liberators. Wins three titles. I won’t stop giving Palmeiras morals for mediocrity… when a club like this has incredible mediocrity with me, I was a Palmeiras player, I feel sad for these people. But at the same time, I’m happy for the greatness I have, how much I can bother. Clubs, federations, former President of the Republic… why should I worry about Palmeiras’ advice? A photo with Ademir (from Guia) is worth much more than any current player on my show.“, he completed.

Neto does not want to advertise Crefisa

In the future, if Band establishes a partnership with Leila Pereira’s company, Neto assured that he will refuse any type of advertising involving the brand. Even though he is a Band employee, he made it clear that his image will not be linked to the current president of Palmeiras.

“If one day her company sponsors Band, in my program I would like it not to (advertisement). If I do, it won’t be with my voice. It can give 10 million dollars.“, finished.

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