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Neto says player’s departure from Palmeiras: “He won’t play anymore”


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Former player Neto started the sports attraction he runs at Bandeirantes by criticizing striker Breno Lopes, from Palmeiras, due to the athlete’s controversial attitude, who made obscene gestures and provoked fans after scoring the winning goal against Goiás, in the last Friday, at Allianz Parque.

In Neto’s view, the stance was wrong and the fans’ discontent signals that he should not have a “long life” at Palmeiras.

“When a player points the finger at the fans, at everyone, because he missed a goal against Corinthians and was criticized… The guy receives criticism, scores the goal after 50 minutes, and goes and points the finger. Here comes the president of Palmeiras, she is on his side, the coach, the players”.

“What happened to Breno Lopes is absurd. I don’t know if this guy will play after Abel Ferreira leaves. After Abel Ferreira leaves, he will no longer play for Palmeiras”, Neto bet.

Also present in the attraction, former goalkeeper Velloso was also on the presenter’s line, highlighting the power of Palmeiras’ main organization behind the scenes.

“I don’t think he plays for Palmeiras anymore. Mancha Verde has already removed managers, players, it has a very strong force, and it goes against the fans. He just didn’t go out the next day because Leila had problems with the fans. Players don’t have to curse fans, they have to resolve it on the field”, said Velloso.


In the program “Apito Final” this Sunday (17), Neto quickly analyzed the fight for places in the national elite and said that Guarani will be one of the four clubs that will ascend to Série A in 2024.

“Soon, Lívia will give the general classification. Guarani defeated Tombense today: 3 to 0. Almost 15 thousand people. And Guarani will rise. And another thing, there’s no point in the president of Ponte Preta making fun. Do you know what the Bridge has to do? Going up too, for football in Campinas to be stronger, that’s what Campinas needs”, said Neto.

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