Neto names Abel’s replacement at Palmeiras: “You can be sure”



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Largely successful in a cycle that has already exceeded three years, Abel Ferreira has a contract at Palmeiras until the end of next season. An idol of the fans and holder of enormous prestige at the club, the Portuguese never clearly signaled his desire to leave the club, even when faced with proposals. But when will that one day happen? Who will be the replacement? Presenter Neto has a guess.

On last Sunday’s “Apito Final” program, the former player once again said that the coach of Red Bull Bragantino, Pedro Caixinha, will be the name of the moment in a possible future move by Verdão to replace Abel Ferreira.

“You can be sure. When Abel Ferreira leaves Palmeiras, the coach will be Pedro Caixinha”, stated Neto, also highlighting the Portuguese’s work at Massa Bruta.

Caixinha, in fact, was the executioner of Palmeiras this Sunday, in a clash in the 25th round of the Brasileirão. Preserving all the starters for the Libertadores, Abel Ferreira saw the kids come out ahead on the scoreboard at Nabi Abi Chedid, but the Alviverde team ended up suffering a 2-1 comeback, thus distancing themselves from the fight for the title, if Botafogo beats Goiás today (02), at Nilton Santos.


In a video published on Instagram last Sunday (01), Neto criticized the physical form of Payet, a player recently signed by Vasco, citing the criticism he received at the end of his career.

“It’s an impressive thing. When I played ball, and I played a lot and scored a lot of goals from free kicks, I was fat. ‘Neto is fat, he didn’t run because he’s fat’. Payet is fatter than I was when I was finishing my career. No commentator says that. The guys don’t say anything,” said Craque Neto.

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