Neto mentions threats and points to two relegations in the Brasileirão: “It’s already fallen”



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O Brasileirão 2023 has become increasingly funneled, and the race to escape relegation promises strong emotions, given the expressive balance between the teams in the second half of the league table. On the “Apito Final” program this Sunday (01), presenter Neto placed bets on the teams that will be relegated to Series B next year.

In the former player’s view, Coxa and Coelho can no longer escape relegation. The duo appears with 17 and 18 points, respectively. Regarding the Z4 complement, Neto mentioned that from 12th below, everyone is at risk.

“For me, from 12th to 20th there will be four that will fall. I take Cuiabá. For me, Coritiba and América-MG have already fallen”, said Neto, questioning journalist Lívia Nepomuceno afterwards.

“I think Corinthians will be able to escape, Mano will be able to give a boost, a face. América and Coritiba have already fallen, and I think it’s difficult for Goiás and Bahia not to fall. Therefore, Vasco and Santos can escape”, assessed the journalist.

Despite Timão’s 2-1 defeat to São Paulo, last Saturday (30), former player Neto liked what he saw in terms of the black and white team’s attitude in the “first act” under the command of Mano Menezes. Suspended due to an accumulation of cards, the new coach did not stay on the sidelines and only had two training sessions to prepare the team, and the performance pleased his idol.

“I was surprised in the first half, even though we lost 2-1 with what Mano Menezes did in two days. He set the standard of play for the team, scored well. He conceded goals in an irresponsible way. And even in the second half, São Paulo didn’t do much,” said Neto.

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