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Near Montpellier / Environment: in Lattes, a regional award-winning kindergarten

In Montpellier, the Galilée school has already benefited from a soil dewatering operation
In Montpellier, the Galilée school has already benefited from a soil dewatering operation and future plantings(© Metropolitan – archives)

A Lattoise school, on the southern outskirts of Montpellier east winner of the call for projects “Dewatering urban soils” by the Occitania Region. As part of their action in favor of the struggle against the effects of climate changethere Occitania region and theRhône-Mediterranean Corsica Water Agency launched, in January 2022, a Call for Projects “ Dewatering urban soils, Let’s give to water and nature Copyright “.

180 applications, 41 winners

“A total success”, indicate the Region which announces 180 applications from all over Occitania: 41 projects were selected for a regional support nearly 4 million euros. The community announces that four new projects have been selected and will benefit from regional funding to carry out the work. Among these four winners are thekindergarten La Castelle, at slats.

“Children will also benefit from the creation of a vegetable garden in the ground”

Occitania region

In concrete terms, the Hérault project concerns the dewatering of soils and revegetation of the kindergarten playground : “The 1295 m2 courtyard is currently completely waterproofed. The educational team, the families and the children were associated with the definition of the project which notably plans to optimize the sanitation systems in rainy weather by proposing an alternative landscape management of rainwater,” explains the Region.

New trees and clumps

1,060 m2 out of the 1,295 m2 of the courtyard will soon be dewatered, “including 706 m2 of vegetation and 5 new trees planted as well as flowerbeds”. Children will also benefit from the creation of a vegetable garden in the ground. To carry out this project, which combines environmental, climate and education issues, €29,000 will be mobilized by the Occitanie Region and €87,000 by its partner, the Rhône-Mediterranean Corsica Water Agency.

Carole Delga: “Supporting the younger generations”

“With nearly 180 applications received, the great success of this call for projects demonstrates the commitment of local players and citizens to the preservation of our natural and aquatic environments”, comments Carole Delga. The President of the Occitanie Region insists on the “awareness that the community supports, especially in our schools from which a third of the applications received come from… It is indeed essential that the new generations are impregnated from an early age of this need to give life back its rightful place and to observe its benefits on a daily basis. Communities, citizens, local actors, it is all together that we can carry a new model of society, less consumer, that we propose through the regional Green Pact”, concludes the regional elected official.


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