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Mirai Navrátil found a new passion thanks to covid. He puts chewing gum in his pocket for her

Mirai Navrátil is a versatile athlete who often slips into extreme performances. Even a vacation with your partner can eventually turn into an almost life-and-death tennis tournament. Lately, the guitarist and singer has taken a liking to walking, so you can meet him on some of the routes of the Český pólky project of the Czech Tourist Club.

Hiking wasn’t your favorite hobby when you were a teenager. It is so? Why didn’t you like her?
I preferred ball, racquet sports and things where there is more action. There is no essential action in hiking – except that there is a starting point and a target goal. Young people want excitement. Dad reinforced that feeling in me by taking me to tennis, soccer and other ball sports. Compared to hiking, this is a different kind of fun for a ten-year-old. You just don’t feel like going for a walk.

Interview with Mirai Navratil for the band’s tenth anniversary:

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One has to mature to appreciate the beauties that nature has to offer…
Yes, there are many things in life that you have to mature into. And I think covid helped this not only for me. If there is a positive consequence of this epidemic, it is that people have started to have a much greater need to be in nature and not to sit closed at home.

On your social networks, it is clear that you really care about nature and ecology. Above all, in your region, where the case resonates ring road around Frýdek Místek
I don’t want to play a big environmentalist, it just touches me a little when various things happen that are already behind the line. From my point of view, this case is a violation of the law. I hope someone starts to seriously look into this. I’m not the one to investigate this, I just want to point this out. And I hope it will be resolved.

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Were you led to an ecological sensibility at home from a young age?
Quite frankly, I think I was very neutral in that regard. But the older I get, the more I realize the change. I began to have a deeper relationship with nature and also with tourism.

How does it manifest itself?
I walk in the Beskydy Mountains and I like it. Nature then burrows deeper into a person’s heart. I would not allow myself to throw anything on the ground in the Beskydy or elsewhere. When I see people throwing garbage, it makes me sad. Now I definitely wouldn’t even throw away a piece of gum… Most of the time, I have a dilemma where to go with the gum, and I usually have it in my hand the whole time before I hit the trash can. But it’s usually very far away and it’s annoying to hold the gum, so I put it in my pocket and then, of course, forget about it. I won’t find out where it is until I take the clothes out of the washing machine. (laughter)

Mirai Navrátil really likes mountains:

Could you say with a calm heart that the Czech Republic is the country you have traveled the most?
No, definitely. This is where I spend most of my time, but when I go somewhere on vacation and walking is offered, for example in the Canaries or Mallorca, I like to go there. Mallorca is good, for example, for cycling. I’m not a big cyclist, but my friends are totally into cycling, so now I’m planning to get a proper road bike. I am very close to sports in general, and I have to really enjoy it while I can. After all, life is half life without it.

You are a great traveler. Is traveling always very active in your view?
With friend Paul Garand, a rapper from Liberec, we were also in Mallorca together with our girls. At that time, everyone wanted the comfort, but he introduced me to a friend there. Liberecák, who trains tennis there. And from that moment on, I started playing with him for four hours a day, basically disrupting our vacation together. We played meaningless matches there in almost forty degrees. We passed out, even threw up from the sun, and I kept making fun of him. I’d say I’m a bit extreme in this, I like extremes.

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If it was your first walking event Beskydy sevenwhich measures 101 kilometers, no wonder…
It was more of a joke, a good joke I thought. She is supposed to run, but I rather limped the route. Personally, I no longer think of walking as covering huge stretches in one go. Now I’m “going” for walks, even longer ones, and I feel absolutely great about them compared to the extreme stuff. I also consider our Sunday soccer games as extreme, where at least one person wins every time. And we are not aggressive at all. This does not happen to me when I walk, it is the most natural movement.

Where do you like to walk?
Outside the city or I go to the mountains. I don’t walk much in the city center, for example, only when I’m traveling somewhere and want to get to know it there. If I have time for a walk, I pick myself up and go to the hill. There is good air and beautiful nature. I used to have asthma and allergy problems and the fresh air makes me feel good.

When you plan your trips, do you prefer warm countries or the other way around?
That is a good question. I like the sea, the sun, but just a few days ago we went skiing in the Alps. The diversity of life is beautiful.

You are truly a sports chameleon…
My parents are to blame for that, they steered me into all kinds of sports. They took me to the mountains, skiing, tennis, football, absolutely everything… I don’t play basketball, but our whole family fell in love with it. As a family, we are very sports-oriented, because we perceive only good things in movement and sports.

Which place in the world do you always like to return to?
I definitely like going back to Japan because I kind of feel my roots there and they have the absolute best food in the whole world. There I would need to apply the walks even more. Because when I come from Japan, I usually have five kilos extra. And then I really like to go to Mallorca, for example, because there is a plane every day in the season, and I usually don’t have much time on vacation. So heading to Mallorca for three or four days makes sense to me. It’s actually always nice there.

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Do you already have a chat there?
I considered her, but she’s too expensive for me. I would like it right by the sea, but the villas there are very expensive. I still have to give a concert on this one. (laughs) I think the Canaries are also really great, it’s always nice there. I was just there. I also like to go to more distant destinations, for example Hawaii seems like a great place, I like Bali.

Is there a place you haven’t visited yet but are already grinding your teeth on?
When I was little, my dad took me to the Cook Islands, the island of Rarotonga, which is in French Polynesia. There wasn’t a single hotel there then. I don’t know how he even secured it and arranged how he got us and the whole family there, but it was heaven on earth. I don’t know if I’d want to go back there, not to be disappointed that it’s not the same, but I’d like to discover more places in French Polynesia.

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