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Mineduc evaluates postponing transfers to SLEP in the eastern zone

According to the updated calendar of the demunicipalization process, which implies the transfer of the administration of schools from the municipalities to the Local Public Education Services (SLEP), the entity responsible for managing the establishments of the communes of The Queen, Las Condes, Lo Barnechea, Providencia and Vitacura, It should go into operation on March 1, 2025.

Less than a year before that deadline, the mayors involved, all from the opposition, had intensified their offensive to prevent the transfer from taking place.

The change had already been postponed and this day, after a meeting with the minister Nicolas Cataldo with the mayor of Lo Barnechea, Cristóbal Lira (UDI), Daniela Peñaloza, from Las Condes (UDI) and Camila Merino from Vitacura (Evópoli)it was confirmed that the Mineduc is evaluating scheduling this transfer at the end of the entire demunicipalization process, in 2029, a decision that must be consulted with the Evaluation Council of the Public Education System.

“It is part of what we are evaluating, which is part of our agenda and in that direction there is an agreement (with the mayors) that It is prudent to think about this reformulation of the calendar where a territory like Manquehue, which does not represent great complexities from a financial, administrative or pedagogical point of view, can be seen well towards the end of the process more than in the stage that is currently established by law,” said Minister Cataldo after the meeting with the communal leaders of the eastern zone.

The head of Mineduc specified that by completing the stages established after the discussion that took place in Congress during the processing of this year’s Budget Law and the debate on the Executive’s proposal that aims to improve public education, it is configured “a different scenario in terms of transition, which will allow the Manquehue Local Service to remain towards the end of the process.”

“That is what we have projected. Obviously for this we also require the will of the New Public Education Evaluation Council, which is the body that has to validate the proposal. of calendar modification to recommend to the President of the Republic then this new transition structure, which by the way is not for Manquehue, but is one of many other issues that for us are relevant in the process of reformulating the calendar,” Cataldo explained. .

In 2022, Lira, Peñaloza, Merino and José Manuel Palacios (UDI, La Reina) They sent a letter to the Ministry of Education in which, arguing that the pandemic prevented them from properly preparing the delivery of their services, they requested to postpone the entry into force of the SLEP Manquehue for three years.

This week, together with the mayor of Providencia, Evelyn Matthei, the mayors formally requested the Mineduc in another letter to suspend the transfer of high schools to the eaves of their municipalities. “as long as legislative and governmental determinations are not made in this regard” and “in order to maintain the high quality standards evidenced in each of them”. This, since they advocate that their establishments remain under municipal administration.

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