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Miloš Zapletal about Miss: Three girls disappointed me, two bombs almost ruined the final

He started as a journalist, then became the manager of many well-known Czech singers, an external dramaturg and also an entrepreneur. Probably the most important chapter of his life is the Miss Czech Republic competition, which Miloslav Zapletal was the president of for almost twenty years. How does he remember this stage? And why did he sell his farm, which he then operated?

Miloslav Zapletal with Monika Žídková, Ivana Christová and Taťána Kuchařová at the recent Miss.

| Photo: courtesy of Petr Horník

From 1989 to 2008, you were president of the Miss Czech Republic beauty pageant. How important was this stage in your life?
Pretty important. This job, combined with a hobby, taught me a lot. And I probably taught, or rather “taught”, several hundred beautiful girls.

Miloš Tangled: Docent Měšťák wanted to cut off my ear!

Source: Youtube

Did you get nervous before every final?
Of course. Especially since anything can happen live. But luckily it always turned out well. In Ostrava in 1990, we had to clear the Vítkovic hall a few hours before the final, because the police had to inspect it to see if there was a bomb somewhere. Back then it was a “fashion” for some fools to have fun like that.

Was that the only problem in nearly twenty years?
I think two years later, at the beginning of the live broadcast of Miss from the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, the production manager came to tell me that we should stop the final because someone is threatening a bomb again. I didn’t react to it and nothing happened. However, I had to take responsibility. It wasn’t pleasant. And although it was clear to me that it was one of the “telephone bombs”, I was of course very nervous at the time.

Monika Židková

After 29 years since Miss, Monika Žídková still lives in Kravařy. With the same partner

At that time, you were moving around a lot in the world of show business. Are you missing parties and social events today?
I’ve gotten used to that, but when there’s an opportunity, and my participation is requested, I like to reminisce about former parties. For example, I recently attended the premiere of Django, a feature film directed by Olga Špátová and Jan Malíř about Peter Jando. Very beautiful! I used to be the manager of Olympic for many years, and Petr Janda and I are still friends today. After the premiere, there was an impeccable party.

I suppose you met a number of acquaintances on it…
Exactly. I met a lot of people from show business and outside. It was very pleasant. But I prefer family celebrations. For example, on Saturday, near Blaník, where I mostly live, my whole large family gathered to celebrate my eighty-second birthday, which is on May 1. It was beautiful!

Miloš Zapletal with his wife Hanka at the premiere of the movie Django:

Miloš ZapletalMiloš Zapletal with Hana ZapletalováSource: Profimedia

Will you tell us which of the girls in Miss made you the most happy in the past twenty years and which, on the contrary, disappointed you the most?
They made me happy Taťána Kuchařová, Ivana Christová and Monika Židková, which can be a good example for girls even today. But also dozens of others. I was disappointed by Michaela Maláčová, Kateřina Stočesová and Diana Kobzanová.

Now you have seen some of the girls again, some of them after many years. Did you recognize them all?
Of course. Some have already “feminized” enough, many are mothers, Ivana Christová is even a grandmother. Most of them run businesses or are successful in public life, including the media.

Taťána Kuchařová

Taťána Kuchařová pushes her limits. She bought a road bike and is riding it

What do you even say about the modern winners of Miss competitions?
I don’t really follow the current Miss. Not out of spite, but I already hung up show business, including Miss, seventeen years ago. Of course, sometimes I hear that Miss is no longer what it used to be, or that there are more competitions and no one knows their way around, etc. It’s really beyond me for a long time. Because I’m still active, I prefer to write books. I like it. Now I am writing my memoirs, but only for the family, so that one day my descendants will know what their great-great-grandfather was up to. (laughter)

You don’t even follow Miss Czech Republic Taťana Makarenko? Her girls are now representing us at Miss World and other competitions…
I spotted her once while surfing TV programs. I quite liked her, in a modern way. However, I wasn’t very impressed with the contestant girls. They looked like each other to me. More like models than misses. They didn’t show anything interesting, unexpected. But I admit that I am conservative and biased.

Tatyana Makarenko

Taťána Makarenko behind the scenes of Miss: There is more pressure on girls, personality is important

As you mentioned, you do a lot of writing. You have also written books in which you interview well-known personalities. Have you ever wanted to write down how your wards are doing today?
I don’t think such a book would find many readers. After all, before ending “my” Miss, I published the book “20 years with Miss, or they called me president”. There is practically everything about my former charges up to the time of the sale of Miss.

In 2008, you decided to sell the Miss competition, and with the money collected, you built the Blaník farm in Ostrov, near Vlašimi. According to some media, you sold this in 2020. Can you tell me why?
At the age of seventy-five, I was quite tired of the demanding operation of the farm, as was my wife Hanka, who devoted all her time to it. We oriented our Farma Blaník towards families with children and organized many events for them. That was very demanding, so we were already overwhelmed, we were tired. As it happens in fairy tales, I invited my four sons and asked them a simple question: “Who will take the reins?”.

And what did they answer you?
The eldest Petr has his prosperous boarding house nearby, where guests run various activities, including workshops. So he has his work cut out for him. A graduate of FAMU, Robert shoots films and commercials. Milďa works in a very interesting position at the airport and Péťa is a professional photographer. So no one could take over my reins, so the only option was to sell the farm. I gave all the money I received to my children and grandchildren, I also donated to charity. But it was a beautiful ten years of my life!

Don’t you miss her?
He misses and doesn’t miss. It was a beautiful and nourishing ten years of life. The farm is adjacent to the house I inherited from my grandparents and where I live most of the time. I walk around the farm every day with our dog Berny and I often reminisce, but I don’t miss it. Fortunately, the farm was bought by a very decent man who settled there with his family, so we have good neighbors.

Lejla Abbasová

Even after four children, Lejla Abbasová has the body of a goddess. She pointed him to the pier

What are you currently most interested in?
As I mentioned, drafting. I would still like to write a novel. I have its content and form in my head and in my notes, but I will get down to it when I write the memoir. I also don’t know if I can be not only a draftsman, but also a writer. Nevertheless, the most beautiful things in my current life are visits from my children and grandchildren and family gatherings. We made the biggest one in September, when my big family, numbering 19, spent a joint vacation in Cyprus. It was the most beautiful vacation of my life.

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