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Milly Lacombe reveals that she no longer considers Cássio as an idol: “He closed with Cuca | Fans

Milly Lacombe spoke about Rogério Ceni.

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Hired to take the place of Fernando Lázaro, Cuca had a short career at Corinthians in 2023. Despite criticism from fans, part of the squad tried to support the stay of the coach, convicted of indecent assault using violence against a 13-year-old girl . Therefore, Cássio’s attitude made Milly Lacombe lose her idolatry for the player.

In a message on Twitter, it was pointed out that the goalkeeper “died” as an idol for Milly Lacombe. In this way, she made a point of highlighting that the archer “spoke a lot of nonsense” and made a point of celebrating the classification in the Copa do Brasil against Remo.

In addition to Cássio, Milly Lacombe stated that Fernando Diniz is no longer the target of her admiration. During his first call-up, the coach considered the case of Antony, accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend, as “still very incipient”. This Monday (4), the attacker was cut from the list and made way for Gabriel Jesus.

Until yesterday, my idol in current football was Cássio. Not anymore. My other idol was Diniz. It’s not anymore. Being a woman and liking football means liking a sport that hates us. complex deal”he wrote.

“Cassio closed with Cuca, he said a lot of nonsense at the time, he was one of the first to publicly celebrate the coach after the penalty shootout against Remo. For me, it ended there“, he added.

As the CBF took a long time to act with Antony, Milly Lacombe recalled that Paquetá was not even summoned for his alleged involvement in sports betting. Therefore, the professional pointed out that the Manchester United striker’s situation should be treated in a more serious way.

“The suspicion of attacking bettors is worse than the suspicion of attacking a woman. There’s nothing wrong with making fun of women in this world. Already offending the business market…“, he stated.

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